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Enjoy Free Shipping and Holiday Returns Until January 31st!

Dog Friendly Stores to Take Your Pup to

Dog Friendly Stores to Take Your Pup to

We all love a good shopping trip, and it would only be better if you could bring along your four legged companion. So we've rounded up the top well known places you can bring your dog to! Time to make some trips to the stores! 

As always, it's a good idea to call ahead to ensure that the policy has not changed and that dogs are still welcome. Please be aware that if one of the stores listed is in a mall, that the mall itself may not be dog friendly. 

1. Nordstrom 

Your high fashioned pooch doesn't have to languish in the car while you shop, he can come along! Although he might not fit the clothes, we're sure he'll give you the best clothes advice! So cheers to the furshionistas of the world! 

2. Home Depot

When it's time to fix up the backyard, who better to bring along than the pet that spends time in it! Home Depot allows dogs on leashes in stores in order to ensure you get the best dirt for your garden that fits your pet's digging needs. All jokes aside, Home Depot has been known for being dog friendly for years! 

3. Lowe's 

Another great hardware and remodeling store that allows dogs is Lowe's. Let your pup help pick out your brand new tub by making sure he'll fit in it as well! 

4. Hobby Lobby 

No need to leave the floof behind when you visit this craft store, Hobby Lobby is pet friendly as well. Hobby Lobby can be very time consuming (where did the last five hours go? What year is it?) so might as well bring the whole family and the family dog to ensure no one feels left out. 

5. Pottery Barn 

All dogs know it's important to establish whether or not the couch is comfy. Now they can do it before you even purchase it! Pottery Barn allows well behaved dogs on leashes to peruse their sections along with their owners at their stores. Just be aware that your pet might pick out the priciest couch there! 

6. Anthropologie 

If you dog needs to stay up on trends just like you then you're in luck. This chic store allows four legged companions as well. No more need to worry about whether your outfit will match your dog's fur. You can make sure it does in store. 

7. Lush Cosmetics 

Although dog's faces are naturally just highlighted by their gorgeous fur, sometimes humans like to get their own makeup highlighter! You can do that at Lush Cosmetics without worry that fido will be kicked out. Bath bomb fizzies and fuzzy dogs? A win win. 

8. The Bass Pro Shop 

When nature calls (not that kind of nature) you go to Bass Pro Shops and well, shop! Best part? You can bring along your dog! Paws down a great duo, shopping and pups.

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