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Pet Friendly Stores to Take Your Dog To!

A orange-yellow dog staring into the front window of a food store from FurHaven Pet Products

What Dog Friendly Stores Are Near Me?


We all love a good shopping trip, and it would only be better if you could bring along your dog. So we've rounded up the top well known stores that are dog and pet friendly! Time to make some trips to the stores! 


(As always, it's a good idea to call ahead to ensure that the policy has not changed and that dogs are still welcome. Please be aware that if one of the stores listed is in a mall, that the mall itself may not be dog friendly.) 


1. Can I Bring My Dog To Nordstrom's?


Nordstrom Logo

Your high fashioned pooch doesn't have to languish in the car while you shop- Nordstrom's is dog friendly! Although he might not fit the clothes, we're sure he'll give you the best advice on style! So cheers to the furshionistas of the world! 

2. Can I Bring My Dog To Joann Fabrics?


Joann Fabrics Logo

If you're looking to do some arts and crafts but need to pick up some supplies, Joann Fabrics allows pets in their stores. Bring your dog in to help out in picking some materials for some fun new crafts- and if you need some inspiration, check out our article on DIY projects you can get started on for your pup. 


3. Can I Bring My Dog To Barnes & Noble?


Barnes & Noble Logo
Want to pick up some new books? Barnes & Noble allows dogs in most of their stores. Some locations can be affected by state or local codes regarding animals in stores, but for the most part you and your pup pal are both welcome to browse for a new novel. 


4. Can I Bring My Dog To Hobby Lobby?


Hobby Lobby Logo

No need to leave the floof behind when you visit this craft store- Hobby Lobby is pet friendly in most locations as well. Hobby Lobby can be very time consuming (where did the last five hours go? What year is it?) so might as well bring your dog to ensure no one feels left out. 

5. Can I Bring My Dog To The Apple Store?


An Apple Store

Shopping for some new Apple tech? You can bring your dog along with you- Apple stores are pet friendly! Whether you're looking for a new iPhone, Mac, or whatever else, your dog can be present to help you pick out your favorite. 


6. Can I Bring My Dog To Ross?



Ross Logo


Looking for some deals on clothes, appliances, or otherwise? Ross is pet-friendly, so you can bring your pet along with you to help sniff out those good discounts they have there. 

While you're at Ross, if you're looking to do some spring cleaning and see some cheap cleaners, make sure to check our Spring Cleaning Checklist to ensure you're getting all the cleanliness needs of your pup covered. 

7. Can I Bring My Dog To Bass Pro Shop?


Bass Pro Shop Logo

Bass Pro Shops is (unsurprisingly) pet friendly, so you can take your dog with you inside. You can even check out some of our articles on fun activities to do with your pets outdoors, like hiking with your dog or other fun activities in the sun. These blogs should help you get an idea of some fun things you might want to buy for you and your dog while shopping at Bass Pro Shops!


Still unsure about other stores that may or may not be pet friendly?

You can use the website to figure out whether or not your dog is allowed in a particular store near you. Just use their search bar with whatever store you are looking for in your area, and you can hopefully find information about that specific location!

We hope this list helps you plan out your shopping sprees with your furry friends. Happy shopping!

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