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Easy Sunny Activities With Dogs!

Easy Sunny Activities With Dogs!

The sunny weather in most places is in full swing, and people are getting out and doing things again! Your pup sure will appreciate being able to tag along with you. Here's some free or cheap activities to do while the weather is warm, and to bring your pup along with!

Have a Picnic

Why not treat you and your pup to a picnic? This can be such an easy way to end a hike, walk, or even just a day at the park. Make sure to pack some dog friendly snacks for you and your pup, and bring along some gear to make the day way more cozy.

Polar Plunge!

Start the swim season now! In some places, it’s been warm enough to swim for weeks - here in the PNW, not so much. But why not try and take that dive with your pup? Try out a polar plunge, take them to the beach or lake, and try to swim. Too cold? Just let them run around in the water, they’ll thank you!


Spend time in the great outdoors! There’s so many great activities, or leisures, to partake in with your fur baby. Whether you’re looking for an intense 3 day backpacking trip, or a weekend of relaxing and roasting marshmallows, we’ve got you covered. 

Not sure where to go? Here are some tips, tricks, and ideas for dog friendly camping and hiking!

Rainy Day Walk 

Don’t let rainy days stop you! We love the rain (you have to learn to love it in Washington!), and we know that your pup can too. Make sure to be prepared with a coat for you and your pup. 

Go for a Drive

Sometimes all you need on a sunny spring day is a good music playlist, some gas in your car, and a buddy to keep you company! Why not consider a drive with your pup (maybe finish in a walk, or a beach trip?). We’ve got everything you need to make you and your pup comfortable, safe, and having fun the entire time.

Off Leash Walk 

Treat your pup to an off leash walk! Make sure to find a park or enclosed area that is off leash friendly.
  • Here are some quick tips for off leash fun:
    • Pay attention to your pup
    • Practice commands before (come, sit, stay)
    • Reward with treats
    • Pick up your poop!
    • Make sure you have visibility and can see your pup at all times
Need a little extra visibility help? Check out these products!

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