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Spring Cleaning Checklist For Pets And Pet Owners

A yellow and white shibe dog happily looking at the left side of the frame, being held by a human in front of some cherry blossoms, at FurHaven Pet Products

It's Time To Get Cleaning- Here's How To Help Your Pets Stay Clean During Spring!


Spring is officially here! Do you know what our favorite activity to welcome this inviting season is? That’s right - clean. The world of decluttering and disinfecting is our happy place right now, and who can blame us? It’s safe to say, everyone loves a fresh living space that smells like flowers and happiness.

Our furry friends don’t want to be left out either! We’ve created a pet-approved spring cleaning checklist with things you might not always think about while tidying up for the season.


A black and brown dog lying in the grass, chewing on a green toy at FurHaven Pet Products

How often do you clean and disinfect those toys your pup chews on constantly? If you’ve never given them some lovin’, now is the perfect time to do so! The way to go about cleaning toys depends on how they’re made; hard, rubber toys can easily be soaked in soapy water, but plush chew toys might need a little more care. You can find more info on how to properly clean your dog’s toys here, and you can also find some new FurHaven toys for the season!

Bed Covers

A brown dog lying on a brown patterned FurHaven Pet Products dog bed

Our bed covers at FurHaven are totally washable! Here's an article on how to wash your FurHaven Bed Cover.

Food & Water Bowls

A light brown dog lying a gray carpeted floor next to a silver food/water bowl at FurHaven Pet Products

It’s so important to clean what your dog eats out of! Hand washing with soap and water can definitely do the trick, but a dishwasher is so much better at getting all of that bacteria cleaned. Pro tip: have a special sponge and towel used only for your pet’s dishes!


A white dog wearing a red collar sitting in the grass at FurHaven Pet Products

Unless they become noticeably stinky or dirty, collars probably get the least routine love. Fear not - giving your furry friend’s collar a little extra shine is super simple and easy. You can put it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, and then lay it flat to air dry. You can also hand wash it by letting it soak in warm soapy water for 5-10 minutes. If it’s a little stinky, adding baking soda to the water and soap mixture can help!

Clean Out & Donate

A dog lying on a pillow at FurHaven Pet Products

Although sometimes it’s hard to get rid of things, when coming across products that your doggo has outgrown it might be best to give it to a new home where they'll be used. We’re willing to bet that your local shelter would be thrilled to receive anything that doesn’t quite “spark joy” anymore for you or your pup!

*When cleaning with doggos, it's best to use pet friendly supplies & cleaning agents. Need some help identifying potential dangers and alternatives? We have a blog post about spring cleaning safety tips. If you ever have any concerns or questions about your pet or products ask your vet for advice.*

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