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DIY Craft Ideas for Dogs & Cats

DIY Craft Ideas for Dogs & Cats

Does spending a little extra time at home have you a tiny bit… bored? Don’t worry, we feel that too. Sometimes we just crave some serious doing. Luckily, we might’ve found a cure. Grab all of your crafting supplies, because we have some fun DIY projects for you!

DIY Bandana

This DIY has the potential to be so creative! You can cut a 22 x 22 inch square in any left over fabric, or use a standard bandana as your base. Customization is limitless - embroidery, tie-dye, and even making designs with some fabric paint would work. Shoot, break out those bedazzling kits! The bandana is your blank canvas, and you are the artist. Your pup will adore your final masterpiece, and will love getting to show it off on walks! 

Indoor Cat Garden

Ever catch Mr. Whiskers staring wistfully outside? Why not bring a little of that outdoor love inside to your cat with a garden just for them! Pets Plus Us has a great step by step tutorial along with a video that shows you how to make the perfect indoor garden for your cat.

Hand Knit Dog Sweater

Running out of knitting projects? Cast on those stitches and knit your pup a sweater for those chilly days! There are a TON of free patterns out there. If you want to get creative and come up with your own, here is a great formula to get started.

No Sew Dog Toy

This fun project by Craft Bits is pretty genius. All you need are old t-shirts, some braiding skills, and then BOOM your pup has a new favorite toy. Plus, it probably smells like their favorite pet parent! (That's you, of course.) 

Painted Pet Bowls

If you're feeling a little artsy and your pet's bowls need an upgrade, this is a perfect DIY for you. You just need a couple of porcelain bowls (can be cereal bowls even!), paint, and an oven. Almost Makes Perfect explains the process perfectly here!

If you're in more of a cooking mood, check out some of our favorite treat recipes here

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