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15% Off + FREE Shipping & 60-Day Worry Free Warranty During Memorial Weekend Sale!

Train Your Pup Like a Pro: How an Elevated Cot Can Supercharge Your Dog's Training

Train Your Pup Like a Pro: How an Elevated Cot Can Supercharge Your Dog's Training

By Angela Lenz, owner and lead trainer at Tails-A-Wagging, Bellingham, WA

Training Your Dog With an Elevated Cot Bed

From FurHaven: Angela was gifted and tested out a FurHaven Water Resistant Elevated Pet Cot in exchange for sharing her Training knowledge. You can purchase your own Cot here, and you can find out how to save some money by scrolling to the bottom!

Training your dog can be a rewarding experience, but it also requires focus and patience from both you and your furry friend. An elevated dog cot can be a surprising secret weapon in your training arsenal, helping your pup develop impulse control, focus, and calm behaviors.

We have loads of helpful training articles and tips on our Blog that you can read here!

Here's how a cot can benefit your dog's training:

Promotes Impulse Control

The elevated design of the cot provides your dog with a designated "place" during training sessions. When your dog learns to stay comfortably on the cot, they're practicing valuable impulse control by resisting the urge to jump off. This translates to better behavior in other situations, like resisting distractions on walks or during playtime.

Our Elevated Pet Cots are crafted with a reinforced, breathable mesh fabric that is water resistant, allergen & dander resistant, flea & mite resistant, and mold & mildew resistant. With easy to clean and waterproof material, your pet can keep the training going with little hassle or clean up!

Enhances Focus

The cot's comfortable, off-the-ground position creates a more relaxing environment for your dog. Free from distractions of cold floors or uncomfortable surfaces, your dog can concentrate better on your direction and cues. This focused attention is key to a productive training session.

Our Elevated Cots are 8 inches off the ground, allowing airflow, negating uncomfortable surfaces that may be hot, cold, or hard.

Teaches Calmness

The elevated cot encourages a relaxed posture, promoting a sense of calm in your dog. This calm demeanor makes them more receptive to learning and less likely to react impulsively.

Beyond Training: Additional Benefits to look for when choosing a cot for your dog


  • Comfort & Airflow: The cot your choose should be no greater than 10 inches off the floor. The elevation keeps your dog cool and comfortable, allowing air to circulate and preventing discomfort from hot or cold surfaces.
  • Convenience & Portability: Choose a lightweight design.  It should be easy to assemble and move the cot around the house, giving your dog their own comfy spot wherever they go.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Versatility: Make sure the cot your choose is made with weatherproof, mold, and mildew-resistant mesh, in case you use it for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Durability: Choose heat-bonded fabric that is resistant to clawing and fraying, ensuring it can withstand even the most playful pups.
  • Allergen-Resistant: Look for one made with allergen resistance in mind. By repelling pet dander, fleas, and mites, keeping your dog's cot clean and helping to minimize allergens in your home.

Our cots are allergen and pest resistant, but is your pet? Check out our blog for some tips and tricks for Tick and Flea prevention here!


An elevated dog cot is a multi-purpose investment that can significantly enhance your dog's training while providing them with a comfortable and relaxing spot to rest. Choosing one with a combination of functionality and durability, a cot is sure to be a favorite for both you and your furry companion.

FurHaven's Water Resistant Elevated Pet Cot with Reinforced Mesh

A dog sitting on a FurHaven Elevated Water Resistant Pet Cot staring at the camera. There is a pink and orange sunset over tree covered hills in the background.

FurHaven's Water Resistant Elevated Pet Cot is the "pawfect" solution for an affordable, lightweight, durable, and stylish elevated cot! These beds keep your beloved pet elevated off the ground, promoting air circulation and providing relief from hot, cold, or otherwise uncomfortable surfaces.

Pet cots are perfect for pets with mobility or joint issues, offering an easily accessible resting spot anywhere! The Mold and Mildew Resistant mesh fabric makes outdoor use worry-free, and cleaning is easy; just hand-wash with mild soap and air dry!

Our FurHaven Elevated Pet Cot is available RIGHT NOW! Shop our Cot on FurHaven HERE.

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