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How To Bring Your Pet Along Hiking

How To Bring Your Pet Along Hiking

Hiking With Pets

As weather warms up and the summer season rounds the corner, we know how tempting it can be to want to get out and get hiking as soon as possible - especially with your furry companion! However, it's important to be prepared - both for you AND your pet's safety. That's why we’ve rounded up some of the most important tips and tricks, as well as some gear that you’ll need to have the best time with your companion!

Is Hiking Good For Pets?

Always consult with your vet before embarking on your first trip with your furry friend, and make sure to keep a few important things in mind. Just like every new thing in your pup’s life, it’s important to consider the animal’s breed, size, athletic ability, age, and health conditions. However, hiking can be a great way to bond with your pet and keep them healthy! 

Here are just a few benefits of hiking:

  • It’s great exercise! You and your furry friend will be able to keep each other company during a fun and non-competitive activity, all while getting your steps in!
  • It’s valuable enrichment. Your dog will love being able to sniff around, dig, and watch all the interesting and natural things around you - plus, they might help you appreciate and slow down a bit more!
  • It’s important bonding time. Taking the time with your companion to walk in nature and get to know each other more is one of the best parts of a hike.

What Gear Do I Need For My Pet?

Finding the correct gear that works for you, and your fur baby, is not only important but is crucial! That’s why we want to make it easy for you.

Here's some suggestions to start you off, as well as some links to purchase.

This pillow is the perfect place for your hiking companion to relax after a long day of hiking! The Trail Pup Packable Pet Pillow creates a soft bed for your pet to rest insulated from the cold, hard ground. With a lightweight, logo-printed stuff sack included, this bed is easy to store and pack for the trip!
Get outdoors no matter the season with this FurHaven Water-Repellent Reflective Active Pro-Fit Dog Coat. This jacket is designed with a stretch panel for a deluxe custom fit and sleeves to protect your dog’s legs from the elements. With insulative fiber core and water-resistant fabric you dog is sure to stay warm and comfy.
Don't limit yourself on your next adventure! Our stress-free design allows you to safely tether your pet to your body, allowing unhindered movement while on the go with your canine companion. An adjustable, padded waist belt securely clips around your body and features a 48-inch lead, leaving your hands free and your pet able to safely walk or jog alongside you. Two handles are built into the leash allowing for greater control when necessary.
Super-absorbent and durable, FurHaven™ Muddy Paws™ Towel & Shammy Rugs quickly soak up water, dirt, sand and other messy stuff after your hike. 
Great for at home or on the go, the Muddy Paws™ features a gripper backing and can be used as a door mat, a food bowl mat, a vehicle protector, or towel.
Tired of your pet jumping around the car while you're trying to get to the trailhead? Looking for a safe, comfortable way to protect and secure your loved one on trips? FurHaven's Seat Belt Clip is the simple solution for a safe car ride. The leash has an easy clip that attaches to both collars and harnesses while the sturdy webbing construction will keep your pet safe for lots of car trips!

How To Find Pet Friendly Hikes

Not all hikes allow pets, so it’s important to check beforehand that the hiking location you’ve selected allows your pet. It’s also important to keep in mind if the trail allows for off-leash dogs, and to use your best judgement about bringing your own dog for that reason.

Here’s a few places you can find pet friendly hikes in your area:

Pet Friendly PNW Hikes

Being from beautiful Bellingham Washington, we’ve had our fair share of hikes around here. We've rounded up the top dog friendly pacific northwest hikes for you and your dog. For more info on the hikes including directions and instructions click the link included on each one. Happy trails!

1. Rattlesnake Ledge - 4 miles round trip (a previous marketing manager pictured below highly recommends this one!) 

2. Lake twenty two - 5.4 miles round trip and no one truly knows the reason behind the name "lake 22" 

(photos from Washington Trails association website) 

3. Snow Lake - 7.2 miles round trip - this is the most visited lake in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness! 

(Photo from you did what with your wiener)

4. Oyster Dome - 5 miles round trip - this one is near to our heart as it's close to the FurHaven headquarters. 

(photo by sohpia field)

5. Red Top Lookout - 1.5 miles round trip but don't let it fool you! It's a steep one. 

(photo from the olden chapters

We hope you have a great time and always remember to be safe! 

For more resources on what to bring hiking and how to be safe, check out the Washington Trails Association Website. FurHaven Pet Products has recommended these hikes but cannot guarantee their safety, or that of hikers on the trail. Please check conditions before hiking and always be prepared for an emergency. 

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