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15% Off + FREE Shipping & 60-Day Worry Free Warranty During Memorial Weekend Sale!



Did you know that the FurHaven Pet Products headquarters is pet friendly? We believe in working the way we live, which is with our pets! Every day different tails with tales walk through our doors and impact the products we create. From beds in our offices to lunch field trips to the dog park, we incorporate pets into all aspects of our work! Including our product photo shoots. If you work here, it more than likely means your dog is also a dog model. This helps inspire our pieces and allows us to test them out in real time. Get to know some of the fuzzy employees of FurHaven! Below are some of the pups that grace us with their presence and make sure everything is in order. This is our version of #squadgoals. 

Meet Cassie (back) and Rose (front)

These Golden sisters can usually be found in their mom's office testing new products and accepting their adoring fans. Cassie and Rose are actually from the same litter! But we can tell them apart because Cassie is a light golden whereas Rose is a deeper red color. Both love coming to work and getting treats for modeling. (treats were given after this photo) 

Meet Todd 

Sweet Todd captures everyone's love with his gorgeous big eyes. Todd can usually be found greeting you with his Mr. Duckworth toy in his mouth with a wiggly tail. In his spare time Todd is learning how to hunt for chanterelle mushrooms! He will gladly test out your food for you!


Meet Kodiak 

Kodiak is a husky who means business! He runs our accounts pawable department and always makes sure everyone is on task. You can usually find him looking out his office window and people watching. He favorite treat is scooby snacks and will not share them, thanks for asking though! 


Meet Wrigley 

Wrigley is a labradoodle who loves to model as long as there's salmon snacks involved. When not snoring away next to his pawrent's desk, he likes to go convince Cassie to come out and play. Wrigley is the latest addition to our office dog squad! 

Meet Maggie 

Maggie is the sweet old gal of the office that will let you rub her belly all day. Work? She's pretty sure your job is to give her pets! Maggie will always greet you with a smile and a nudge and we love her for that! She's also pretty sure she's more human than dog and deserves her own office chair. 

Meet Scout 

Don't let Scout's size fool you, she's really the office dog in charge! With her adorable little paws she'll walk right into your heart. Scout loves to hang out on her pawrent's lap while she works and go see what the big dogs are up to in her spare time. She will steal your heart and your treats thank you! 

Meet Zowie 

This sassy lady will always tell you how it is and prefers to be considered more human than dog. Zowie will trap you with her super cute face then convince you to give her all your lunch and you will gladly. She prefers to be carried into the office to avoid all the large fluff balls that tend to trample her and has a snuggly spot next to her pawrent that she calls home. 

Meet Nala 

Nala is the newest addition to our office! This adorable chocolate lab will gladly take your squeaky toy and squeak her way through the day. Nala was training to be a K9 drug dog but loved people too much so she failed. Well we're pretty glad she failed because she brings so much joy to our lives everyday! 

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