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FREE USA Shipping & 60-Day Worry Free Warranty
FREE USA Shipping & 60-Day Worry Free Warranty

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Running Bed Size Changes


Starting in 2022 we made a running size change to our Jumbo and Jumbo Plus beds to slightly reduce their size. We understand that there is a bed size issue but we are here to help find a resolution. If you have received a new base foam or cover that does not match your existing foam/cover please fill out our Warranty Claims form and we will contact you with our solution. Our mattress sizes moving forward are reflected below:

Size Chart for Furhaven Beds

Do You Sell Replacement Bolsters?


At this time we do not sell replacement bolsters. If you need a replacement please contact us via our Warranty Claims form. 

My Product Is Defective, What Should I Do?


Not to worry! If you did not sign up for our 60-Day Worry-Free Warranty or are outside the 60-day window, we offer a 90-day manufacturer guarantee against defects. Please head to FurHaven’s Warranty Claims Page to fill out a warranty claim. Once you have submitted your claim our customer service team will be in touch within two business days. Our goal is to have satisfied happy customers and we will do our utmost to provide you with replacement parts.

If the foam gets soiled, we suggest hand washing it with a mild detergent solution (detergent & water), if the pup has an accident, we suggest mixing white vinegar with water and dabbing the item with that solution first to get rid of the urine smell and then using the detergent solution to help with the stain. DO NOT SATURATE THE FOAM, AND ALLOW IT TO FULLY AIR DRY BEFORE PLACING THE COVER BACK ON.

To clean Tiger Tough cat scratchers/playgrounds we suggest spot treating with water and mild detergent.

How Do I Return My Items?


Please request a return via the website where you made your original purchase. If you have made a purchase from you can email us at with your order number, the item you ordered, and the reason for returning and our customer support team will be in touch within two business days.

What Size Bed Should I Buy For My Dog?


At FurHaven we strive to provide the best night's sleep to your companions. Please see the sofa bed and deluxe mattress sizing chart below for an idea of what dog breeds fit best in which beds.

Each product page will have a sizing chart or bed dimensions to help you determine the best size for your pet. Please keep in mind that this is just to give you an estimate based on the average height and weight of said breeds. Please weigh your dog or cat and measure them while in their favorite sleeping position to get the best idea of what size bed you need. If your pup likes to sprawl out when they relax we suggest going with a larger size bed, but if your dog enjoys curling into a small ball while sleeping you would be fine with the current size you think would fit your pet. We always suggest sizing up if you are worried your pet won’t fit in their bed.

Are Your Beds Chew Resistant?


At this time FurHaven does not make any Chew Resistant Dog or Cat Beds. We recommend our products to companions with minimal chewing behaviors and recommend supervision when introducing our products to your furbabies.

Are Your Dog And Cat Beds Waterproof?


FurHaven does not offer any indoor beds that are waterproof. If you would like to help provide some protection to your bed foam we offer bed liners made of waterproof fabric which will help protect your foam. We do offer Waterproof Indoor/Outdoor Pet Beds, which are coated in a non-toxic pet-safe coating - water resistant liners are also available for these beds to protect the foam made with waterproof fabric. We also offer Waterproof Throw Blankets for Dogs and Cats which can be used for protecting furniture or lining your car seat protectors.

Are Your Dog And Cat Bed Covers Removable?


Yes! 90% of our beds feature removable and washable covers. Some styles, like our size small calming cuddler donut beds can be completely machine-washed. Please refer to the washing instructions on the tag or our blog for more information. Even our Indoor/Outdoor beds have removable covers so you can wipe down any messes. We also have liners made with waterproof fabrics that will protect your foam from Acts of God or Acts of Dog.

How Do I Wash My Dog and Cat Bed?


Our bed washing blog post is our source of truth here at FurHaven, and as we release new products we always update this with the most current information. We cover how to clean the foam, covers, bolsters, and even our blankets in that post! Below are the need-to-knows, but we recommend reading through that blog post.

  • Always wash your cover on cold with high-quality detergent. Never Vinegar. Never fabric softener.
  • Tumble dry your bed cover on low, or air dry.
  • Foam can be spot-treated with dilute detergent or a high-quality urine deodorizer and air-dried until completely dry.
  • Outdoor beds should be cleaned with dilute detergent and a cloth, wiping down the surfaces. Never wash them in the laundry machine.

To clean Tiger Tough cat scratchers/playgrounds we suggest spot treating with water and mild detergent. Additional Jute and Sisal can be found on our website.

Are Replacement Posts/Parts Available For Tiger Tough?


If your purchase is within our 90-day manufacturer's warranty we will send replacement parts at no cost. Please fill out a warranty claim if you are within the 90 day window. We cannot provide replacement parts for these products outside of this window, but we do offer Sisal and Jute Rope to refresh your cat's scratching surfaces.

Can I Purchase Faster Shipping?


Our sincerest apologies that faster shipping cannot be purchased at this time. We currently ship our items via FedEx SmartPost meaning your purchase will be shipped via FedEx and as it reaches a city near you, the package is transferred off to your local post office for delivery.

Is Your Question Still Unanswered?


If you are experiencing an issue unanswered above you can contact us via email at and we will respond within two business days M-F, or you can give us a phone call at 1.888.459.2337 M-F from 7:30 am - 4 pm PST. Please be aware that we do not have a voice mail setup at this time and if we do not answer it is because we are assisting another customer - we do our best to help each customer promptly.

Official FurHaven Brand Logos


Please beware of Copy Cats! Keep an eye out for these official FurHaven Logos on your new FurHaven products and packaging.