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New Year Resolutions for Pets and Pet Owners

A dog's New Year Resolutions from FurHaven Pet Products

Looking For New Year Resolutions?


The New Year is a fantastic time to make a change in your life - whether you're looking to commit to a resolution, or just try something new, we've got you covered! We've figured out the best New Year Resolutions for both pets and pet owners to try!

Camping And Getting Outdoors With Your Pet

Person and dog sit inside a tent at Flaming Gorge from FurHaven Pet Products
Getting outside and into nature has been a focus a LOT of people have shifted their priority to since early 2020 (hmm, why would that be?). We’re lucky at FurHaven to be nestled in the beautiful city of Bellingham, Washington. Sea kayaking and snowboarding are just an hour's drive apart, so we know how important it is to get outdoors! If you want to spend this year in nature a little more, why not bring your dog!?
We’ve got a list of essentials, as well as tips and tricks for bringing your pet along with you!

Dog Friendly Hikes In The PNW

Woman Hiking With Dog from FurHaven Pet Products


If you’re lucky enough to live in the beautiful state of Washington like we do, the world of hiking with your dog is in your backyard! Here’s a few of our favorite (and all around well loved) hiking trails that you can bring your dog along on! 

Five Tips For Camping With Your Dog


FurHaven's blog, Dog Sleeping In Hammock With Tent In Background from FurHaven Pet Products


Forgetting essentials during a camping trip is the worst! If you want your furry friend to enjoy camping with you, make sure to check out the list below of tips and essentials to think about before bringing them along!

Trail Pup Packable Pet Pillow


Bring comfort with you! Perfect for use at home, in the car, camping, or on an RV trip, the Trail Pup Packable Pet Pillow creates a soft bed for your pet to rest insulated from the cold, hard ground.

Portable Mesh Pet Playpen


Shop FurHaven Portable Play Pen


Keep your pets safe with a playpen! This is the perfect way to let your pet pals enjoy the outdoors without the fear of them running off! The playpen has mesh walls for fresh air and stakes to keep it in the ground. It’s the perfect way to involve your pet in the fun!

Pro-Fit Dog Coat


Shop FurHaven Pro Fit Dog Coat


Keep your dog warm, dry, and secure with the Water Repellent Reflective Pro-Fit Dog Coat, This coat has a reflective chrome trim for visibility, an insulative core, water-resistant fabric, and sleeves! Your dog will be the coolest at the campsite!

Working Out With Your Pet 

Puppy Wearing Harness With Owner In Running Shoes and Shorts from FurHaven Pet Products
Picking up a new habit, like running, can be a lot easier when you have a buddy! Bringing your dog along on things like runs can be a great way for both you and your dog to get some exercise - just make sure to evaluate your pup’s health and ability before you bring them along! If you want some ideas about how to get started, take a look at these tips!

Running With Your Dog


Woman Running With Dog On Beach from FurHaven Pet Products


Running is a great form of exercise that people of all ages can enjoy. Your dog can enjoy it as well with some simple additions to your workout! Just like humans, dog need daily exercise for health and stress relieving benefits. 

Trail Pup Hands-Free Leash


Woman Running With Dog Wearing Hands Free Leash from FurHaven Pet Products


Don’t let anything stop you from getting that runners high! Our hands-free leash allows you to bring your dog along, unhindered, while on your run!

Reversible Reflective Puffer Dog Coat

Reverse Reflect Dog Coat from FurHaven Pet Products
With arms free for running, a water repellent and insulative core, and a fully reflective chrome side, this coat is perfect for your pup that needs a little extra warmth! This coat is versatile and reversible. Any activity, day or night, your dog will be prepared to join in!

Soft and Comfy Dog Harness

Soft And Comfy Harness from FurHaven Pet Products
Your dog will love going on runs with you even more when they’re extra comfortable! These mesh harnesses reduce the stress on your pup’s neck and are super lightweight and breathable!

Refreshing You And Your Pet's Space 

Woman Cleaning Dog In Bathtub from FurHaven Pet Products
There’s nothing quite like resetting your living space after a long year - whether cleaning up is your thing or not, we’ve made it easy for you and your pet! If you’re looking for inspiration, or ways to make your life a little easier, we’ve got you covered!

Pet Approved Cleaning List


Muddy Paw On Waterproof Blanket from FurHaven Pet Products


When it comes down to REALLY cleaning, it’s easy to forget the little things or become overwhelmed; don’t forget about your pet’s stuff! We’ve made a list of everything you might miss when it comes to cleaning and reorganizing you and your pet’s stuff!

Cleaning Products To Avoid


Person With Gloves Wiping Table from FurHaven Pet Products


The last thing you want to worry about when getting your hands dirty is your pet! Plan ahead with this list of common cleaning products to avoid (along with some alternatives!)

Luxury Fur Snuggle Spot Furniture Protector


Dog on Snuggle Spot Protector from FurHaven Pet Products


If you have a pet who LOVES your furniture but you just can’t bring yourself to kick them off, why not come to a compromise! These Snuggle Spot Furniture Protectors keep your pet cozy, and warm while keeping your furniture clean and dry!

Reversible Furniture Protector


Reversible Furniture Protector from FurHaven Pet Products


These reversible furniture protectors are durable, waterproof, and securable. The ultimate way to keep your furniture clean and dry from your pet!

Traveling More With Your Pet (If Possible)

Dog Looking At Camera With Airplane In Background from FurHaven Pet Products
Make sure your pet is comfortable no matter what form of transportation you decide to use! We’ve compiled some tips, tricks, and gear for bringing your pet along the way with you, and how to keep them calm and comfortable while traveling.

Five Pet Friendly Travel Tips


French Bulldog On Kayak Looking Back from FurHaven Pet Products


From road trips to plane rides, our furry companions can come almost anywhere with us. Yet, bringing a pet along while traveling can have its challenges. Check out these five tips to make sure you and your pet have the best vacation ever.

Ten Ways To Help Your Dog Enjoy Car Travel


Dog Looking Out Car Window from FurHaven Pet Products


If plane and train aren’t the move for you and your dog, why not try automobiles! Here’s some things to consider before involving your buddy in any car trips!

Car Seat Safety Clip

Car Seat Safety Clip from FurHaven Pet Products
If you have a pup who loves jumping around and fidgeting in the car, you’ll feel much safer and secure knowing they’re buckled in with their own “seat belt”. Our seat belt clip clips to your dog’s collar and into your car’s existing seat belt latch! Make sure your pet has a safe and fun time in the car with you every time!

Car Travel Cover


Dog Laying In Back Of Car from FurHaven Pet Products


Traveling with your pet can be fun, but after a long day of exploring things can be a little… messy. Keep your car seats and cargo area clean, dry, and undamaged from claws with a car seat cover!

Giving Back

FurHaven Cares
Giving back to charities and people in your community is a great thing to focus on doing this year (and every year!). Here at FurHaven, we do what we can to give back - and we make it easy to do as well! Just select from our list of partnered charities (featured below!) during checkout, or select your own!

Happy Tails Happy Homes


Happy Tails Happy Homes


Whatcom Humane Society 

Whatcom Humane Society

Wags and Walks


Wags & Walks


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