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Five Pet Friendly Travel Tips

Five Pet Friendly Travel Tips

From road trips to plane rides, our furry companions can come almost anywhere with us. Yet, bringing a pet along while traveling can have its challenges. Check out these five tips to make sure you and your pet have the best vacation ever.

1. Make sure your pet is comfortable 

Ensuring your companion is comfortable is one of the most important things you can do as a pet parent. Before flying with your furry friend, make sure they are used to staying in a carrier before you go. If road tripping, make your car extra comfy by bringing along a bed or a seat cover. You can find a ton of great options on our site here.

2. Check in with your vet before traveling

Double check your pet’s vaccination records and have your vet do a brief checkup. If your pet is on medication, make sure you have enough for your entire vacation.

3. Find pet friendly locations 

Sadly, not everywhere welcomes our furry friends. Call or check online to make sure your hotels are pet friendly. Planning on camping? Not all campsites allow dogs. Check your campsite's specific pet policies to make sure your pet is welcome. You can read up on more tips for camping with your doggo here.

4. Pack more than you need

Accidents always happen, and it’s best to be prepared. Pack extra food, water, blankets, doggy bags and anything else your pet might need.

5. Prep for international travel 

If you are traveling to a new country with your pet, there are a few things to bring along. Bring a copy of your pet’s current vaccination records, and make sure they are up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations. Check the specific regulations for the country you are traveling to before you go, and request a veterinary pet passport or health certificate from your vet. This lets customs and other agencies know your pet is healthy and registered.

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