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The Best of FurHaven 2021 - Thanks To YOU!

The Best of FurHaven 2021 - Thanks To YOU!

As we finish up this fur-tastic year, we want to take the time to share all the awesome things YOU’VE helped us do this year! We’ve compiled a list of all the amazing donations to non-profits this year, supply drops to charities, new products, and funny features! Keep reading to see how our 2021 went!

Givz Donations:

This year, thanks to awesome customers like you, we were able to donate over $2,000 to different 501(c) 3's. Over 1540 donations since July came in from friends of FurHaven! We can't wait to see what 2022 has in store for charities!

  Shop now and donate to any 501(c)3 of your choice! 


Donations to Local Pet Non-Profits: 

Whatcom Education Spay and Neuter Impact Program

Also known as WeSNiP, this organization makes a huge difference for animals and humans. Providing for underserved communities across Whatcom and Skagit County in Washington State, WeSNiP makes spaying and neutering accessible and affordable to all. This past August, with your help, we were able to donate 53 cat beds and 12 dog beds! Along with these donations, WeSNIP has been able to receive donations through Givz from people like you! These donations made through our checkout send a portion of your total to charities like WeSNIP! Thanks to the 165 donations YOU'VE gifted to them, donations like this are possible!

Click the image or click here to read more about this donation!

 Whatcom Strong
This past November, an "atmospheric river" hit our community in the upper Pacific North West. Historical amounts of rainfall caused upwards of 5 feet of water to flood homes. Because of this "river", around 500 members of the community were displaced, as well as their pets. Community members, including Vet Tech students at Bellingham Technical College, immediately rose to the occasion to help, and donation centers began popping up everywhere. Whatcom Strong is an organization that came together after the flooding here - a central place for community resources and news. They organized an area for donations to be collected, and somewhere for people to replenish belongings. Without the support of YOU, our FurHaven friends, donations like this wouldn't be achievable.
Click the image or click here to read more about this donation. 

Your continued support of any charity through Givz helps us with our continued support. Thanks to customers and fur-ends like you, fantastic charities like WeSNIP and Whatcom Strong can get the support and donations they deserve!


SO MANY new products in 2021!

This year we released more new products than we ever have, and we have YOU to thank. Without your support we couldn't have made it happen! Our product development team puts great care and consideration into each and every one. Here's five of our favorite new products released this year!

Water-Repellent Reflective Active Pro-Fit Dog Coat

Reversible Reflective Puffer Dog Coat


Deluxe Mattress Dog Bed - Minky Faux Fur and Suede Pillow Top

Deluxe Mattress Dog Bed - Berber & Suede Blanket Top

Long Fur & Velvet Pet Blanket


Best Selling Beds of 2021!

Here's what you loved most this year!

    Best Selling Accessories! 

    Not sure what to get? Here are some of our most loved non bed items! 

    Ultra Absorbent Muddy Paws Pet Towel & Shammy Dog Rug

    ThermaNAP™ Plush Velvet Self-Warming Pet Bed Mat

    Reversible Furniture Protector

    Top Fan Favorite Posts

    We get a lot of love on social media - here are the top 5 most liked posts from people who love FurHaven just as much as us! 

               @wobblyhannahtotherescue                          @goodboypacino 


    @duke_k9                                                   @bromley_bear 

    Our Favorite Reviews 

    We love that you love our beds! Here's a few of our favorite reviews from this past year!


    It's not every day you see fur-siblings sharing their pet beds well - but it doesn't hurt to share when it keeps them cozy! Shop our sofa bed here.


    Our customer service team are the best! They work hard every day to make sure you receive the best service possible! 

    Anyone else have a cat this picky? Our ThermaNAP pads are ultra cozy and bound to be loved by your kitty.

    If you've got a pup who loves to burrow, we have the perfect selection for them! Click here to shop our burrow beds and hideaway beds!

    Our Funniest Photos

    Check out these behind the scenes from our shoots this year! We love working with pets, but they're not the easiest models. The plus side is hilarious and adorable photos! Here's our five favorite "bloopers" from this year!


    We want to thank you again for helping us with an amazing year! If you want to stay updated on all things FurHaven, follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter!

    We hope you all have a happy and healthy New Year!

    - Your Friends at FurHaven

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