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Three of Our Favorite Pumpkin Dog Treat Recipes

A brown, long furred dog lying on the ground in the forest, with a small pumpkin in it's mouth at FurHaven Pet Products

We've Got Three Easy Pumpkin Dog Treats Your Pup Will Love!


Whether it's a pumpkin spice latte or pumpkin pie, we all go crazy for that festive flavor! Pups tend to love pumpkin too, and lucky for them there are a ton of homemade treat recipes out there using this delectable orange fruit. We put together three of our favorites for you that are super simple and easy to make!


Four Ingredient Pumpkin Treats from Bless This Mess Please


Pumpkin Treats, from at FurHaven Pet Products

Using four yummy and simple ingredients, these treats will get your pup's tail wagging. Plus, the aroma from the oven will make your home smell amazing! 

Check out this recipe from!


Pumpkin Carrot Bites from My Pawsitively Pets

Pumpkin Carrot Bites, from at FurHaven Pet Products


Mix two delicious orange foods together and you have perfection! Also using only four ingredients, this recipe is so easy to make and your doggo will thank you with lots of lovin's.

Check out this recipe from!

Yogurt Pumpkin Treats from POPSUGAR

2-Ingredient Pumpkin Treats, from at FurHaven Pet Products


All you need is plain yogurt and pumpkin puree for this simple recipe. These treats are frozen, so you can get creative with fun shaped ice trays and really spoil your pup!

Check out this recipe from!

If you're looking for some more easy and fun recipes for dog treats, you can check out our Ghoulishly Good dog treat recipe, or another collection of our favorite peanut butter concoctions!

Another way we love to deliver tasty goodness to our pet pals is using our Paws N' Play Slow Feeder Dog Toy! These are a great option for good enrichment paired with a tasty treat! Plus, it's in the shape of a pie- so you can stay on pumpkin theme with a tasty pumpkin pie treat!

 A shaggy gray and brown dog eating a treat out of a FurHaven Paws n' Play Slow Feeder Dog Toy

(Please note that these are merely suggestions and each pet has unique dietary restrictions that should be accounted for. Please don't feed your pet anything that you think may harm them in any way)


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