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Three Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe During Halloween

A yellow dog in a ghost costume, sitting on the grass at FurHaven Pet Products

Keeping A Dog Calm And Safe During Halloween Can Be Tough.


Although a night filled with crazy costumes, buckets of candy and knocks on the door is a blast for us humans, Halloween can be chaotic for our furry friends. To be extra prepared, we've put together a list of our top three tips to have a spooky smooth Halloween and keep your dog safe.

1) Keep a close eye on food & candy around the house

Candy corn in a white jack-o-lantern Halloween Mug at FurHaven Pet Products

Most pet owners know chocolate is damaging for our pups, but it’s not the only sweet thing that can harm them. Xylitol is a sugar replacement in sugar-free candies, and even a tiny bit consumed can be toxic for dogs. It can lead to low blood sugar and liver failure. To prevent any emergency room vet visits or mishaps, keep a close watch on food, snacks and candy that's in the house and around your dog.

2) Prevent a dog on the loose during Halloween

A white and brown dog in a green LED light up collar at FurHaven Pet Products

With doors opening and closing more than normal, the last thing you want on Halloween is a runaway dog. To be extra prepared, you can microchip your pup, or throw on a light up LED collar if they're going along trick or treating. FurHaven has a great LED collar that can ensure your dog stays visible during the darker hours of the day. as well as an LED leash extender that you can get to keep your pup visible at night!

3) De-stress an anxious dog with a calm pre-festivities walk

A yellow and white dog on a leash, looking to the left-side frame of the photo at FurHaven Pet Products

Some doggos just aren't about all the Halloween hubbub. If your pup is feeling anxious, take them for a nice long walk to destress and get some of that nervous energy out. Go before the festivities begin, that way they are more comfortable and relaxed.

If you think that your pup is up for some Halloween spirit after you've used this guide to help out with relaxing, you can check out our Flex Fit Costume Hats- they're a lot of fun to dress up, and more importantly actually do a great job keeping your pals warm during colder months! The best part is, the costume actually also includes the Flex Fit Coat- a fun pairing that makes for a great look on Halloween!


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