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Three Yummy Peanut Butter Dog Treat Recipes

A bowl of peanut butter, at FurHaven Pet Products

Three Tasty Peanut Butter Treat Recipes For Dogs!

Mark your calendars for March 1st, because it's National Peanut Butter Day! We're willing to bet this is a day your pup will NOT want to miss out on. What canine can resist that scrumptious, nutty, tasty goodness packed in a jar?

To prep for this drooled-over day, we've compiled a few of our favorite homemade peanut butter dog treat recipes so your doggos can take part in this sticky sweet event. 

Simple Peanut Butter Treats from Bark With It


Paw-shaped peanut butter dog treats at FurHaven Pet Products

Keeping it basic and using only three ingredients, your dog will be head over paws for this yummy puppy pastry. If you're really feeling creative, you can even use different silicone trays to make all sorts of shapes!

Find the recipe here.

Easy-Peasy PB Dog Bones from Pet Guide

Bone-shaped peanut butter dog treats at FurHaven Pet Products

Grab your cookie cutters and rolling pin; the aroma coming out of your oven from these baked treats will smell so good that you might even be tempted to try one. (Trust, us we won't judge...)

Find the recipe here.  

No-Bake Peanut Butter Treats from DogVills

No-bake peanut butter dog treat balls at FurHaven Pet Products

If your pup's a sucker for some pumpkin & PB, they'll absolutely love this simple, no-bake recipe. Just mix together the ingredients, roll them up in balls, and pop 'em in the fridge!

Find the recipe here.

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(Please note that these are merely suggestions and each pet has unique dietary restrictions that should be accounted for. Please don't feed your pet anything that you think may harm them in any way)

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