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The Perfect Dog Plush Toy

A black german shephard dog sits in green grass with cute, green, purple, and plush dog toys at its feet at FurHaven Pet Products

Benefits of Dog Plush Toys

We have all been there, you’ve just bought the family dog a brand new soft and plush dog toy and an instant later they are your pup's new best pal. They prance around the house with them in their mouth, bringing their new plush toy with them to their soft and comfy FurHaven Bed, outside to the garden for a digging session, or to the couch for evening TV relaxing. Over time you notice a few holes develop, which is normal for plush toys, but your pup couldn’t care less because that toy provides them with a multitude of benefits. Plush toys provide more to them than just an avenue to chew, and we are excited to show you all the benefits plush dog toys can have for your pup!

A white, black, and brown beagle dog lays in a purple bed surrounded by outter space themed plush dog toys at FurHaven Pet Products

Are Plush Dog Toys Good For Dogs Of All Sizes?

Dog plush toys are great for dogs of all sizes and all ages, from your aunts Chihuahua to the Great Dane who lives down the block. Furhaven recommends providing plush toys that are the right size for your dog, with bigger dogs getting larger toys and smaller dogs getting smaller toys. Comfort and a sense of familiarity are important benefits of plush toys, and when they are an appropriate size this will help them to last longer while providing those benefits. Dogs will often bring soft and plush toys to their bed while they sleep to help them feel calm and secure, and you should aim to bring them with you during high-stress situations like car rides or in training sessions as rewards. Their familiar smell, soft-comfy feel, and sense of home aid in reducing stress and redirecting mental fixation. These are behaviors exhibited by dogs of all sizes and all breeds, which is why we recommend dog plush toys to all pups.


A black german shepherd dog with its eyes closed chews on a green alligator plush dog toy at FurHaven Pet Products


Why Does My Dog Destroy Plush Dog Toys?

Dogs will often destroy plush toys for one reason: mental stimulation. Irresistible squeakers, soft fabrics, and crinkle textures are all fascinating and enticing elements of a good plush toy. Each help to provide mental stimulation to your pup in different ways. As a puppy, the benefits of plush toys with squeakers and crinkle textures help to desensitize them to loud or abrupt noises which they will encounter all through life. A day spent chewing a squeaker or navigating a loose seam and ripping out the stuffing is a natural activity for dogs to do with some plush toys. There is a natural prey instinct to shred, and plush toys just happen to be the closest thing they will get to catching prey on the hunt. Supervision is a must if you and your dog trainer establish that this is an activity you want your pup to be doing, and FurHaven recommends that all our soft plush toys be provided to your pup under ‘hooman supervision’. 


What Is The Best Way To Keep Dogs Busy?

This answer is simple, a toy they love! Your options include dog balls, soft plush toys, or  slow-feeder-type toys. While working with your vet or dog trainer you can establish the kind of behaviors you want your pup to learn and exhibit in the home, and decide what type of toy is best. 

It is no secret that plush toys have been a favorite of dogs; they squeak, have enticing plush fabrics, and they provide soft comfort for when playtime is over. We recommend plush toys with silent squeakers like our Silent Squeak Penguin Plush Toy, or toys with crinkle textures that activate when your pup thrashes the toy back and forth. A common downside to plush toys is their durability, plush fabric just doesn’t hold up. Furhaven has worked to fix that alongside their sister brands GoDog and TrustyPup with RuffStuff and Chew Guard Technology

RuffStuff Reinforcement for plush dog toys showing the stitched fabric and the reinforced fabric seams at Furhaven Pet Products.

What Is RuffStuff™ Reinforcement From Furhaven?

Raise your hand if your dog has ripped a brand-new plush toy to shreds in a matter of minutes. Yep, we raised our hand with you. That is why Furhaven added RuffStuff™ to our dog plush toys: a more durable second layer of mesh fabric with a special weave pattern that adds durability and can extend the lifetime of plush dog toys. Our furr-iends at GoDog and TrustyPup use a similar technology, Chew Guard Technology™, and we have loved the difference it’s made in our plush toys. This mesh reinforcement is good for dogs who are mild to medium chewers, and Furhaven always recommends supervising your pup when you provide them with dog toys.


Woven grey fabrics with circular spaces between rows of our RuffStuff reinforcement at Furhaven Pet Products.


What Are Comfort Toys For Dogs?

A comfort toy is equivalent to a childhood blanket, it's taken everywhere and it is the item used to help cope with stress or held during excitement to direct the energy to something. Comfort toys for dogs can be established due to hormones, an anxiety coping mechanism, mourning false pregnancy, or reminding them of a comforting smell. You will notice that your dog has one of these if there is one particular toy that never gets destroyed and looks as good as the day you bought it. We kept this idea in mind when we added our RuffStuff reinforcement to our plush dog toys, so when your pup finds its comfort toy it’ll help it last longer and provides security to your pup.

A white, black, and brown beagle dog carries a green alligator dog plush toy across a brown wooden floor at Furhaven Pet Products.

Should I Let My Dog Chew On Regular Stuffed Animals?

Stuffed animals do not have the same level of testing, reinforcement, or dog safety measures taken into consideration as toys specifically designed for dogs. We recommend that you talk with your vet or trainer before offering stuffed animals intended for humans to consider any risks. It is common knowledge that plush toys, no matter how durable, can be ripped open, and FurHaven recommends ‘hooman supervision’ when providing your pup with any dog toys. This behavior can be quite soothing to pups, and establishing how to manage these tendencies with your trainer can help create a holistic life for your pup. If you deem this as part of your pup's training, then let our RuffStuff reinforcement be a training tool to rely on. We offer other mentally stimulating toys like our Paws N’ Play Slow feeder, and if a squeak toy only your dog can hear is what you want, we got it. For inspiration on training basics for dogs, you can check out our tips and tricks in our FurHaven blog.  

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