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Enjoy Free Shipping and Holiday Returns Until January 31st!

Fruits and Veggies as treats for your pup

Fruits and Veggies as treats for your pup

When you run out of treats from the store have you ever considered opening your fridge for options for your pup? There's a lot of great options that people usually have right at their fingertips. Next time you're reaching for the bag of treats check your fridge as well! 

Fruits and Vegetables that are Dog Friendly: 

Asparagus - this crunchy veggie once cut up is a great snack for your dog. Full of vitamins and potassium you can't go wrong. 


Blueberries - one of our favorite summer human treats is also dog friendly! 


Pumpkin - with fall around the corner why not embrace the pumpkin in all parts of your life! Full of fiber (and delicious) this treat also works to alleviate constipation in dogs. 


Apples - Who doesn't love a good crisp apple? Well your pup loves them as well! When this fruit is cut into chunks your dog will go crazy for it (always remove the seeds before feeding it to your pet). 


Brussels Sprouts - You might not like them but your dog will! Chock full of goodness, give this one a try by cooking them and feeding them to your furry companion. 


Pineapple - embrace the tropical vibe with this classic favorite. Always remove the skin and core before feeding to your pet. 


Bananas - This fruit is simple enough and is a household staple! Slice and serve. 


Carrots - This is another one that's sure to be hanging out in your fridge. Along with being delicious and low in calories, it's also great for your pet's teeth. 


    Treat these fruits the same as if you were eating them by washing them and removing the skins and rinds before feeding to your pet. Happy feeding! 

    If you have a concern about your dog's ability to eat or digest any of these items consult your vet before feeding them anything outside their regular diet. FurHaven pet products is not responsible for any harm that results from feeding your pet any of these items.

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