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Crinkle Plush Dog Toy - Kraken the Vampire Squid

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Soft, Plush, and Perfect for Snuggles and Playtime. Your dog won't want to release FurHaven's new crinkle plush dog toy anytime soon. Introducing Kraken, the Vampire Squid Crinkle Plush Dog Toy. The deep sea dwelling vampire squid, Vampyroteuthis infernalis, is a small cephalopod that relies on its bioluminescent organs and large eyes to navigate the dark depths of the ocean. Your pet will have a scary good time playing with this soft and durable plush toy with crinkle texture, built-in squeaker. Durable Ruff Stuff reinforcement extends playtime over standard plush pet toys.

  • SOFT & PLUSH: Made with snuggly soft plush material with reinforced mesh-backing for long-lasting playtime and cuddles; recommended for light to moderate play
  • BUILT-IN SQUEAKER: Designed with a loud built-in squeaker that simulates the high-pitched sounds of small prey; the immediate auditory feedback with every bite and chomp satisfies your dog's predatory instincts and helps keep their interest during play
  • CRINKLES: Lined with loud and responsive crinkly material that engages your dog's hunting instincts by simulating the high-chattering and rustling of moving prey
  • DESIGNED TO LAST LONGER: Our soft plush toys are made with Ruff Stuff Reinforcement, which adds a tough, heavy-duty, chew-resistant mesh lining to our soft plush toys, making them a little more durable than your average dog toy
  • DISCLAIMER: Please note that NO TOY is indestructible, and some dogs CAN destroy Ruff Stuff toys depending on their play and chew patterns
  • FOR SUPERVISED PLAY ONLY: The toy is not meant to be consumed as ingestion of any non-food item is dangerous to your pet's health; if damage to the product is found, discontinue use and replace as needed
  • EASY CARE: The plush toy is completely machine washable; for more specific care instructions, please refer to the hang tag and/or seam label (if applicable)

Product Dimensions: 8.66 x 8.66 x 3.94 inches; 4.66 Ounces

Country of Origin: China