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Enjoy Free Shipping and Holiday Returns Until January 31st!

Pawfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Pawfect Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is right around the corner (but you remembered that, didn’t you?)

We’ve got you covered with all the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for everyone - whether your Valentine this year is furry or not, we know exactly what the perfect gift for everyone is!

Gifts For Pet Owners:

Sometimes, someone’s pet is their entire life; you could sometimes even say they’re soulmates. If you’ve got someone special in your life who’s just a little bit in love with their fur baby, then we’ve got the perfect list for you! Here’s some ideas for that animal lover in your life:

Donate to their "fur-vorite" rescue!

Why not give a little back to their favorite rescue, all while treating them to the cutest gear for their fur baby?
Our charity program, FurHaven Cares, is an easy-peasy, pawsome way to give back! After shopping for a new cozy bed or gift on, just select the charity of their choice after the checkout page. A portion of your sale will go to your selected charity, and we’ll even more than match it to help you support whoever you choose! Give them a gift that does as good as it feels!

Learn more about FurHaven Cares and our friends at Givz!    

Take them to an animal café

Why not treat them to the very best possible gift (besides an actual fur baby!) for Valentines Day? Take them to an animal café!

There are loads of awesome cafes all around the country, but our favorite are our friends at NEKO Cat Café


Check out this adorable NEKO kitty hanging out on one of our Convertible Self-Warming Mat.

Drinks and kitties you can adopt (if your Valentine decides they DO want a kitty), what more can you ask for?

Upgrade their style

Not sure what to choose? Why not buy them a new bed for their fur baby!? We’ve got the cutest selection of colors and styles to match any room or holiday. 


    Still stuck on ideas? Why don’t you have them take our bed quiz for fun, or if you know them well enough, take the quiz for them! We’ll figure out what style and bed works best - the easiest gift idea ever!

    Gifts For Pets:


      Don't forget about Fido! Why not treat your true soulmate with the "ultimi-mutt" Valentine's Day goodies and treats?

      Pamper your pup!

      Why not start your date off on the right paw? This is the perfect opportunity to take your pup to the groomers and get some one-on-one time. Your pup will appreciate the time with you, and you'll appreciate the clean dog! 

      Here's some tips for making sure your pup is all ready and cleaned up good for your Valentine's Day fun!

      A New Toy!

      Why not get your pup EXACTLY what they probably want! Here's our favorite little toys for them - the perfect adorable plush squeakers!

      Woodland Plush Toy Set

      Golden dog playing with a turquoise alligator plush dog toy in a room with white walls at Furhaven Pet Products.

      Treats for Dogs

      Remember those cute valentines day heart candies you'd get? With sayings like "be mine", and "I love you"? Nothing says I love you more than gifting your fur-baby treats for valentines day. Our favorites from us are:

      A brown dog licking a Paws n' play slow feeder from Furhaven Pet Products

      Paws N' Play Pie Slow Feeder Dog Toy

      Pet Factory - Made in USA Beefhide Bone Chicken Flavored Dog Treat

      Gift Them Some Bed Cuddles!

      Let's be honest. Things can get a little messy if you invite your fur baby up onto the bed or the couch. Hair, mud, dirt, food, slobber, and who knows what else. Why not give them the best gift you can give them - extra time to cuddle on the furniture! 

      Help your pup get up onto taller furniture with our Steady Paws Stairs.

      Protect your bed or furniture with a Waterproof Bed and Furniture Protector 


      As much as they don't like to show it, our cats (usually) love us. Love them back this Valentine's Day! Here are some purr-fect gifts just for them.

       Control their scratching habits, and entertain them all at once with this adorable Heart-Shaped Busy Box

      Entertain them for hours with a Dizzy Feather Cat Wand! 

      Keep your kitty nice and toasty warm with our ThermaNAP Pet Mat


      Valentine's Day is a great day to treat and show your love to your loved ones, but every day is a good day to treat them! Whether you decide to show your love today, or every day, we've got ideas year round! 

      If you want ideas on how to spoil your loved ones, make sure to sign up for our newsletter!

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