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Enjoy Free Shipping and Holiday Returns Until January 31st!

"Paw-tect" Your Pet This Winter

"Paw-tect" Your Pet This Winter

The main rule of thumb when it comes to winter safety is - “If it’s cold for you, it’s cold for them.” This is the truth! Don’t think that just because your fur baby has a little extra fluff that they’re safe in the winter (Great Pyrenees pawrents - you don’t count!). If you walk outside and feel cold in your hoodie and jeans, then there’s a chance your fur baby will too.

General Tips 

There doesn’t need to be a winter storm outside for it to be too cold for your pets! Keep them safe and warm throughout the winter, even when it’s gearing down to an end. Here’s some general things to keep in mind for your fur baby while you wait for the warmer weather to come in.

Layer Up Your Pup!

It’s important that you select a jacket that gives your fur baby freedom of movement, warmth, and protection. Our Pro-Fit and our Reversible Reflective Dog Coats are awesome options!


Our reflective Pro-Fit coat is designed with sleeves to protect your dog’s legs from the elements, an insulative fiber core and water-resistant fabric you dog is sure to stay warm and comfy.

This coat features a stain and rain resistant fabric for water repellency, warmth and comfort in the cold, wind, and rain. Switch from the colorful side to the reflective silver side for increased visibility. With four different colors available, your pup will for sure be the most stylish at the snow park!

Protect Their Paws

Protect your pups paws if you take them on a walk! Click here to read through some tips on how to keep your furry friend’s precious paws safe, and them as well.

Regular Vet Visits 

Make sure to keep up with your fluffy friend’s vet check ups regularly. The best thing you can do for them is make sure they’re healthy. This is also a great chance for you to catch any skin conditions or arthritis before they can get worse in the cold. Your vet will also be able to give you better tips for your fluff specifically.

Winter Storm Tips 

As we approach the end of winter storm season (though in some places, it’s not quite over yet!) now is the perfect time to look at all your gear and emergency kits, and replenish what’s missing. If you haven’t already included your pet’s supplies in that kit - now is the time!

Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

Extra Food and Water

Include some of your pet’s favorite meals, if you’d like, as well as treats. Make sure you have at least five days worth of extra food and water available for them.

Extra Warmth

Pack a few things to keep your fur-baby warm. This is a great way to reuse extra/older pet coats, blankets, and clothing for your fur baby. Our ThermaNAP pet mat is a perfect option for smaller dogs and cats! The ThermaNAP reflects your pet’s heat back at them - no electricity needed! Click here, or the image above to shop our ThermaNAP.

Pet Beds

Our Trail Pup Packable Stuff Sack Pet Pillow is the perfect option for a small and compact bed for your pet. This bed folds up into a compact and convenient pack to put in a go-bag or supply kit. It also doubles as the perfect camping and trail bed! Click here or the image above to shop the Pillow.

Light Up Collars

If there’s no street lights on in a blackout, or your candlelight isn’t cutting it, a light up collar may be the perfect solution. Our LED Safety Light-Up Dog Collar is designed to make sure your pet is able to be seen clearly in the dark. The powerful LED lights are visible from up to 1,000 ft and the collar has a water-resistant case for if it starts to sprinkle. Click here or the image above to shop our LED collars and leash extenders

Loud Noises

You may not think about this until it happens, but storms come with loud noises, and a LOT of our fur babies get nervous when noises are present. If you have a routine for fireworks and reducing your pet’s anxiety, think about including those comforts and measures for a winter storm. Click here for some tips for firework induced anxiety reduction.

Keep Your Pet Preoccupied

This is the fun part! Make sure you have some things to entertain your fur baby, like a feather wand for kitty, so that they don’t get cabin fever! You can always use this as an excuse at any time to spoil your fur baby with new things, or you can save them for if you ever need to use them (think of it as a little treat for them!)

Pack some toys for your pup so that they don’t start chewing on your shoes, or set up a cat treehouse for your kitty to perch on and watch the world outside.


It's important to make sure you take the steps to protect your fur baby, even if you never need to. Take some time during your spring cleaning to do an overview of what you have available, and how you can make your fur baby as comfy as they can be! 

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