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Fun Summer Activities For Dogs

A dog sitting by the side of a pool, wearing sunglasses on a bright blue sky day, looking very cool, at FurHaven Pet Products

Are You And Your Dog Ready For Summer?!


Puxatawny Phil has officially spoken, and it looks like we’re stuck with another 6 weeks of winter. While it’s not quite time to pack away those winter coats and throw on the sunscreen just yet, parts of the country are welcoming warmer weather - here's some tips and tricks on how to prepare your pup for the warmer weather, and how to enjoy it even more!

Work on preventing fleas and ticks on your pup!

As the warmer weather creeps in, so do the critters! Keep your fur babies safe from diseases by taking preventative steps for your pet. Fleas and ticks can cause a host of problems for you and your pup! You can read our blog about flea and tick prevention, as well as checking out a shorter list of steps below:

Here are a list of ways you can be cautious about preventing infestation:

A golden dog, rolling around in the dirt and grasses outside, at FurHaven Pet Products

Ask your vet about year round medication. 

This is one of the easiest and efficient ways to prevent fleas and ticks from even becoming an issue in the first place. These critters can be an issue all year in some places of the world, (we deal with them year-round in the PNW!) and keeping the problem from ever happening with medication can be a lifesaver! Just make sure to check with your vet before using medication.

    Keep your lawn maintained

    One of the best things about spring is the nature. This season welcomes flowers and bees - but also fleas! If your pup loves exploring your yard, consider trimming down some of the longer grasses to keep pesky critters away from your pup. Just make sure to be careful of what products you use on your lawn - here’s a helpful list of things to avoid for the health of your companion!

      Keep your pet, and their bed, clean.

        There’s no use in trying to prevent pests if your furry friend is rolling around in their own mess! Make sure you keep up with your fur babies hygiene, and make sure you wash your bed and replace the liners and covers every so often. 

        A brown and white dog lying upside down in a FurHaven Donut Bed, from creator @little_miss_macklyn, at FurHaven Pet Products

        FurHaven sells lots of awesome options for replacement covers and liners if yours is looking... well loved: 


        Just like you can expect to pack your winter coat away in the coming weeks, so will your dog! You may notice that piles and piles of fur will begin accumulating everywhere, especially in the springtime. Although it’s not possible to get rid of the problem, one of the best things you can do is brush your pup! Make sure you’re regularly brushing them to remove their extra fur - take this as some time to bond with your pup, as well as check their skin. This is a great time to spot those pesky fleas and ticks we mentioned earlier… 

        You can, in the meantime, prevent said hair from taking over EVERY surface with a few furniture protectors! FurHaven has some excellent options, with lots of different sizes available. Here’s some of our favorite:

        • Quilted Twill Waterproof Bed/Furniture Protector
          • This furniture cover is perfect for any size bed! It’s soft, quilted cover is still comfortable for everyone - and it’s machine washable with a no-skid bottom! How can you say no? 
        • Luxury Fur Snuggle Spot Furniture Protector
          • This extra cozy spot is a cozy blanket and furniture protector in one! If your fur baby has a corner they love to snuggle into, this protector is the perfect option for you!
        • Sofa Buddy Pet Bed Furniture Cover
          • The ultimate furniture protector and comfy headrest all in one! This cover has three supportive bolsters for your pup to rest on, and keep your upholstery clean and tidy at the same time!

        Poisonous Plants

        A black dog wearing a red collar, lying in some grass with yellow dandelions nearby, at FurHaven Pet Products

        Spending more time outside is great for everyone, but it can present a problem for you and your fur baby. Make sure to keep an eye out for certain plants that can harm your fur baby!

        We’ve created a list of plants to avoid to keep your fur baby happy and healthy!


        A black and white dog, surrounded by dandelion seeds floating in the air, outside in the grass, looking like it is about to sneeze, at FurHaven Pet Products

        Sometimes, furry friends can experience seasonal allergies, just like you and I. This typically presents itself with itchiness, red skin, abnormal shedding, and things like coughing.

        If you're worried your buddy might be affected, check out this list we made of symptoms and treatments!


        We can't wait for things to begin to warm up, and we're sure neither can you! Just make sure to keep an eye out for your furry friends, and have fun! 

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