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Caring for your pet's paws in winter

Caring for your pet's paws in winter

In the winter we're able to put on boots to protect our feet from the cold and keep us warm and dry. Our pets aren't able to do that without our help so it's important we care for their feet in a variety of ways. Winter can be rough on pet's feet, especially when you consider the snow, road salt, and ice they're exposed to everyday. Here's some ways to help out the paws on our four legged friends!

1. Keep the hair around your pet's paws trimmed to avoid ice and debris buildup.

2. Invest in some paw balm to create a barrier between your pet's paw and the ground. There's a variety to choose from and can usually be found at your local pet store. To learn more about paw balm and some options to choose between click here.

3. Buy some dog booties. These work the same way as human boots! There are a variety of styles and sizes to choose from to ensure they fit your pet's paws best. Please note that sometimes these can take some getting used to and take some enticing with treats. 

4. Keeping your pet hydrated can be important in colder months due to the air outside and in being so much drier than in other seasons. 

5. Be aware of hypothermia in your pet. If it's too cold for you, it's too cold for your pet! Look for shivering, shaking, lethargy, difficulty breathing, and a low heart rate as signs of hypothermia. 

6. Reduce the number of baths you give your pet during the cold season. Baths have a tendency to strip your dog's fur of natural oils and dry out their skin. If your dirty pup does need a bath, make sure to use a moisturizing or oatmeal based shampoo to help keep their skin from becoming dry and flaky. 

Other things to be aware of while walking your dog: 

  • Many types of road salt and de-icing are toxic to pets and can be harmful if ingested. After going for a walk always take a a warm wet washcloth to their paws to remove any visible debris. 
  • Snow can hide grates or holes on your walk so make sure to keep a vigilant eye out for this. 
  • If it's too cold or dangerous outside, play inside that day! 

Now go have some fun and happy tails from all of us at FurHaven! 

Always check with your veterinarian before trying anything new. FurHaven is not responsible or liable for any harm that comes to you or your pet from activities. 

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