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How To Prevent Dog Bites

How To Prevent Dog Bites

Dog Bite Prevention Week #PreventDogBites

Dog Bite Prevention Week is April 10-16. Although it's not an issue for everyone, knowing the signs to look out for around other dogs, as well as tips for training your dog to prevent bites in the future, is always useful - no matter the situation!

Keep reading to find out if it's something you should be aware of, and what to look out for to prevent future bites!

Are Dog Bites an Issue?

  • According to The Insurance Information Institute reported that in 2021, $69 million US Households owned dogs. “The number of dog bite Insurance claims nationwide increased in 2021 to 17,989 from 17,597 in 2020—a 2.2 percent increase”
  • According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, almost 1 in 5 people bitten by dogs require medical attention - children being the most likely to be bitten and hospitalized. 

    Signs A Dog Will Bite

    • A dog that may bite might try to make itself seem larger or sometimes smaller. If the dog’s hair is on end, tail is pointing up, back is arched, etc., then it may be time to remove the human or other dog from the situation. On the other hand, a crouched dog, or a dog with a lowered head, licking its lips repeatedly, or rolling over may be an anxious dog. Aggression or anxiety can be equally dangerous.

      How To Prevent Bites

      As An Owner
      • Make sure your dog is socialized! If it’s been a while since you’ve taken your dog out or to the park, consider transitioning your dog cautiously. You don’t want to overwhelm them!
        • Not sure where, or how, to get your dog socialized? Check out our article on outdoor activities for hoomans and doggos by clicking here or on the image below! 
      • Be an advocate for your dog. If you notice they’re looking uncomfortable around another dog or human, remove them from the situation!
      • Spay or neuter your dog. They are less likely to bite this way.
      • Reward good behavior! One of the best things you can do is to be aware of your dog's behavior; Aggression, protecting toys or food, or unruliness in general can be prevented by rewarding a pup who is behaving well. One of the best things you can do is reward with high value treats! 
      Click the image above, or click here for some easy homemade treats your pup will go crazy for!
      • Get professional help if you notice your dog is aggressive! The best thing you can do as a responsible pet owner is to take the time to train your dog to react appropriately in these situations.
      As A Puppy Owner
      Puppies need extra comfort and attention while training! Make sure to keep them comfortable with high quality and cozy gear. 

      Click the image, or click here to shop the Harness. 
      • Our Soft and Comfy Mesh Harness is the perfect harness for a pup! It's soft and lightweight, making it super comfortable. The harness makes re-leashing, or grabbing your pup, much easier and more secure! The harness also has adjustable straps for a growing pup - uncomfortable straps and harnesses are a thing of the past!  Don't let them distract you and your pup from the ulti-mutt training session!
        Petting A Strange Dog
        • Don’t approach a dog without its owner - especially with other dogs around, or in a more remote location.
        • Don’t try to pet a dog with a toy or any food. If they are possessive, they may interpret this as an aggressive move on your part!
        • If the dog is growling or barking, avoid approaching them.

        Of course, sometimes an anxious dog will bite no matter what. If you have been bitten, clean the wound and apply a gauze or bandage. Call 911 if you believe the bite is serious enough.

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