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Enjoy Free Shipping and Holiday Returns Until January 31st!

How To Have A Safe and Hoppy Easter!

How To Have A Safe and Hoppy Easter!

It's almost Easter, which means time to welcome in Spring! Your furry friends will love being able to enjoy the season's Holiday with you - just make sure to do it safely. 

We've laid out the do's and don'ts of this Holiday, and featured some pawsome ideas to include your furry friends in the festivities.

Keep scrolling to read, and to get details on the Easter Photo Contest we're doing over on our Instagram!

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts aren’t always for hoomans! Why not organize an Easter egg hunt for your fur babies?! Whether you decide to do a solo hunt, or get your fur squad together for a massive hunt, we’ve laid out everything you need to have a super fun hunt!

Dog Treats in Eggs

Easter eggs are the star of the show! Take some plastic eggs and fill them with pet friendly treats for a tasty surprise! Hide the eggs in your yard or around your home, and let your pup have a little sniff of one! Once your pup realizes there’s yummy treats inside, they'll have fun sniffing out the snacks! Just make sure to use pet safe treats, and to keep an eye on your furry friend at all times. 

Homemade Treats

Why not make them their ULTI-MUTT treat to find? Do you know your pup loves peanut butter, pumpkin, fruit, or veggies of some kind? Why not spoil them with some homemade treats in their eggs? Here’s a few of our furvorites!

Give Them A Challenge!


Not all pups are created equal! Some pups are faster, have a better nose, or just learn a little easier than others! Some pups need a challenge, while others maybe need the extra help! Think about your pet and their skill level before hiding their eggs.

Easter Basket

Treat your pup to an easter basket fit for royalty! Think about the treats, toys, and goodies your pup will love and treat them to their favorites! If you have a pup who loves treats, toys, walks, scratches, or anything - give it to them for Easter! They'll be sure to hop with joy!



Our furiends at Trusty Pup have some pawsome spring inspired toys! If you’re looking for some toys to fill your pup’s basket with, check out their durable and affordable toys for your fur baby! Our friend Spectra here loves her Action Plush Bunny! 

New Gear

Fill up their basket with everything you need to have a fun time! If there's something stopping you from having Spring adventures, this is a great excuse to treat your pup and get outdoors with them!

Water Repellent Reflective Active Dog Coat

Don’t let rainy spring days stop you from enjoying your time outdoors! Fill your pup’s Easter basket with our Active Dog Coat and the both of you will have adventures all Spring-long!

Travel Seat or Cargo Area Cover (Universal Fit)

Our Travel Seat will allow you and your furry friend to have the ultimutt adventures! This Travel Seat and Cargo Area Cover will allow you and your pup to keep the good times rolling this Spring!

Safety for pets

Easter is lots of fun for everyone, but can be busy and hectic - the perfect combination for pups to get into trouble! Make sure to read these safety tips so you can avoid Easter at the Vet!

Don’t Feed Them Human Food

If you’re inviting friends and family over for Easter, it’s important to remind guests to not feed your furry friends human food! Extra children, or guests who may give in easier, feeding your pup can add up! Make sure to give your pup some dog safe food before guests arrive, to prevent any additional temptation, and remind guests to not feed pets.

Here’s a quick list of things that are safe, and things that aren’t, for your pet to eat: Holiday Foods for Pets.

    Crowds Can Be Uncomfortable!

    Make sure to be conscious of your pet’s comfort levels! If there are a lot of people around, or even other pets, lots of people can be frightening! Make sure to gauge your furry friend’s comfort levels with strangers, crowds, or young children before bringing them along. If your furry friend needs a break, give them some space in a quiet room, or take them on a quick walk!

      No Easter Grass

      Easter grass is a danger that a lot of pups find exciting, but can be a huge problem! Easter grass is typically made of plastic, and cannot be digested or absorbed properly. This means that if your pup chooses to nibble on some Easter grass, they could end up blocking their intestines, choking, or worse. 

      Consider using alternatives to Easter grass. Paper Easter grass, while better, is still not ideal. Larger fabric ribbons or tulle are a great way to fluff up your basket without the massive hazard.

        No Chocolate 

        This one is a no brainer, but can be a massive issue this time of year. Easter egg hunts mean candy being left behind. Keep an eye on your pet during the hunt and for the days after Easter, and avoid leaving any unfound eggs in your yard. Chocolate can be deadly for dogs and cats, and can be easily found by your pet’s nose!

          Make sure to have fun, be safe, and don’t forget to involve your furry friends!

          Easter Photo Contest

          We’re doing an Easter Photo Contest on our Instagram! Click here or the image below to submit your Easter photo and to read all the rules!

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