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Why Shelter Pets Are The Best - Adopt A Shelter Dog Day

Two dogs, one blonde and one very light brown, sitting in a large cage with a bucket of water inside of it, from FurHaven Pet Products

Why Should I Adopt A Shelter Dog?

Saturday, April 30th is Adopt a Shelter Dog Day! We love all animals, and we especially love adopting them! Shelter Dog Day is the perfect time to make the commitment and adopt a furry family member into your life. There are so many fantastic reasons to adopt- you likely don’t need convincing, but, if you’re on the fence about changing the life of a Shelter Dog (or just need reminding about why they’re the best), check out these reasons to love them!

Save A Dog's Life

A human holding the head of a black and white dog, at FurHaven Pet Products

This is an unfortunate but real fact of adopting! At lots of kill shelters in the United States, dogs and cats are being put down for simply not being adopted. In fact, around 1 million cats and dogs are euthanized every year due to overcrowding. Shelters don’t have enough space to keep up with the influx of litters born on the streets and humans who decide to no longer care for their pets. 

Support a Rescue Saving More Lives

A human scratching the chin of a small black, white, and splotched brown dog, at FurHaven Pet Products


If you decide to adopt a pet, you are saving their life AND the life of another pet (potentially even more) By adopting, you open up space in a shelter for future animals to potentially be adopted out, and your support can help to keep a shelter in business (and encourage others to adopt as well!).

Save Money When Adopting A Shelter Dog

A human in a blue shirt giving a dog with a gray coat and black/brown/white head a hug, at FurHaven Pet Products

One of the best things about adopting from a shelter is how much money you can save! There are adoption fees with all or most rescues- however, these fees support the rescue and save you a lot of hassle. When you adopt from a shelter, you know that your new furry family member will be spayed or neutered, and will have all their shots up to date. 

Buying a puppy or kitten from a breeder can also usually cost far more than it costs to adopt. Bred animals can typically run thousands of dollars, and spay and neutering isn’t included. 

Some shelters also give out beds, food, supplies, and other free essentials as well when you adopt from them. Usually, these free items are purchased by the shelter, donated by supporters, or donated by charities. 

Our charity, FurHaven Cares, donates new beds and supplies to shelters in our communities. If you’re interested in learning more about our charity, or would like to nominate a charity for a partnership with FurHaven Cares, check out our website and scroll down for our Charity Form!

You can also read about our past donation drops with Whatcom Strong and Whatcom Humane Society

You’ll Fight Puppy Mills 

A downcast golden lab puppy lying on top of a red pet cushion, inside of a room with a window, at FurHaven Pet Products

Most pet stores these days source their puppies from puppy mills. Puppy mills are commercial breeding operations that push puppies out at an extremely high rate - leading to high profits, but horrible conditions and long term health issues for the animals. 

By supporting and adopting from shelters and rescues, you can help ensure that no more puppies will have to survive in bad conditions, and you can help save the life of a stray instead!


A very small brown dog with a collar and leash lying next to a human wearing green pants and black/white vans, both of which are standing on pavement in front of a metal wall, at FurHaven Pet Products

Shelter and rescue dogs are the best. Their unconditional love for you shines through, because they’ve been without it! You can make the life of a shelter animal by supporting and adopting from a shelter near you, or you can select a Shelter to rescue to support through FurHaven Cares by shopping on, and selecting a charity to donate a portion of your sale to!

Spoil Your New Furry Family Member

Treat them to the best when they get home for the first time. Check out these top selling new pup essentials to try out - don't forget to choose a charity to donate part of your sale total to! 


A brown, shaggy dog lying on top of a FurHaven Calming Cuddler Donut Bed


Our Calming Cuddler Long Fur Donut Dog Bed is designed to embrace pets in warmth and comfort - creating a calm space that soothes anxiety and promotes a deeper and more restorative sleep for your dog or cat. The pawfect spot for a new pup who needs a safe space to hang out in!


A human and a dog on a rocky mountain ridge, with a misty treeline in the background. The dog is wearing a FurHaven Water-Repellent Reflective Active Pro-Fit Dog Coat.


Our Water-Repellent Reflective Active Pro-Fit Dog Coat  features a reflective trim and reflective panel on the reverse side, with a stretch panel for a deluxe custom fit and sleeves to protect your dog’s legs from the elements. With insulative fiber core and water-resistant fabric you dog is sure to stay warm and comfy on all your new adventures together!

A small golden lab puppy lying on some wood next to flowered bushes, wearing a FurHaven Soft & Comfy Mesh Dog Harness

Our Soft & Comfy Mesh Dog Harness has a lightweight, breathable mesh fabric with comfortable padding trim. With an adjustable tummy strap and quick release buckle this harness provides the perfect fit that is easy and smooth to adjust; the pawfect harness for comfort and ease when training a new pup!

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