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FurHaven Cares Donates To Whatcom Humane Society

FurHaven employees offloading donations to Whatcom Humane Society from a car

FurHaven Cares Donates To Whatcom Humane Society!


FurHaven Cares is our way of giving back to the animals, people, and nonprofits in our communities. We partner with charities locally and nationally, because we believe in supporting the furry friends in need, and the pet pawrents who love them. One of our favorite ways to give back is by supplying local nonprofits with goodies for their shelter animals.

This past month, we took a collection of items down to Whatcom Humane Society, an incredible nonprofit who has been supporting animals and wildlife in Whatcom County for over 100 years. This donation included a selection of FurHaven beds, blankets, toys, and other items that shelter dogs and cats might need.

Whatcom Humane Society is the oldest animal welfare organization in Whatcom County, serving over 5,000 animals every year in the small community FurHaven Pet Products calls home. Between the three shelters they run, and the countless of hard-working volunteers and employees, they are able to take in any animal - regardless of breed, age, or condition.

While we were there, we toured the facility and met the people who dedicate so much of their time at the shelter, as well as talked to them a bit about where the donations may be going.

Having items to keep them relaxed and comforted can be an important part of the transition, whether an animal comes in to the shelter or one of their other locations.

“[We're] able to give out toys and bedding - different items that might make that transition to someone's home really special. That [item] might become that dog's forever toy, or their favorite bear, or their bed that they bond with that day. It's a little bit stressful sometimes in that first day or two, so transition items that are soft and cozy can help them feel like they're getting a chance to familiarize themselves with someone's home."

Whatcom Humane Society runs out of three locations: their main Shelter Location, their Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, and their Farm Facility. Each location works hard to make sure the animals that are coming in are being cared for, advocated for, and loved to the highest degree. 

“Our volunteer coordinators are incredible. It's like a small animal army that it takes to run our three different facilities, and we definitely could not put on what we do without them.”

When an animal is surrendered, whether it was because they were found abandoned, sick, or an owner just cannot care for them anymore, Whatcom Humane does everything they can to help the animal. Sometimes that means getting a domesticated animal set up in their shelter right away, or bringing an injured animal into the rehabilitation center to be brought back to health. This also means working with more specialized organizations in the area when more exotic or dangerous animals need help.

Earlier this summer, Whatcom Humane worked with a local non-profit in Whatcom County, “Whatcom Marine Mammal Stranding Network”, to rescue and recover a group of stranded juvenile river otters.


Meeting The Staff Of Whatcom Humane Society

We reached out to Lauren Boushey, Outreach and Education Coordinator at Whatcom Humane Society to ask her a little more about the shelter, and what the dedicated team at Whatcom Humane gets up to every day.

Lauren told us all about the work she does with Whatcom Humane to promote humane education in our community - she's kept busy throughout the summer with events she is organizing. When we spoke to her, she was designing paper crowns for the kids craft booth at Dog Days of Summer - a massive event at the end of August put on by Whatcom Humane. This free event runs every year at the shelter and hosts dozens of pet related vendors and activities, and has brought families and pets together in Whatcom County for years. Attendees can bring their dogs out to socialize with each other and humans, as well as give people an opportunity to meet dogs up for adoption and meet the folks behind Whatcom Humane.

Lauren and Whatcom Humane also put on educational events and camps for kids all over Whatcom County. Throughout the school year, staff and volunteers like Lauren go to schools and libraries nearby to teach kids about animals and humane education. When summer is in full swing, Lauren is busy running their kid’s Critter Camp - three, week-long day camps for kids to meet animals and guest speakers, help out with animal chores, work on crafts, and spend time with the animals. She explained that their goal is to do more than just introduce young people to animals - she wants them to learn to advocate for animals, and know the most humane way to look after them.

Animal people are looked at by their peers for answers… this gives them the knowledge and experience to be that resource”.

The love that the volunteers and staff have for these animals shows. Whatcom Humane leads our community with three main words: Kindness, Respect, and Compassion, and it's not hard to see them doing just that. The animals are loved by every member of the shelter - with multiple volunteer lead walks, play and cuddle sessions, and a clean and safe shelter.

How To Get Involved

In Person

Whatcom Humane Society is always looking for volunteers for their shelter and their kids programs, as well as animal volunteers! If you are local to Whatcom County looking for a way to support them with your time, there are lots of ways you can get involved. From volunteering your pup's time for their Reading Buddies program, or volunteering your own time to walk dogs or complete chores, there are lots of ways to provide your much needed support.

Other Ways To Get Involved

Givz Donation Example Photo from FurHaven Pet Products

If volunteering in person isn't possible, that's okay! We partner with charities to bring them support from people like YOU! With our friends at Givz, it’s all in the name. You have the opportunity to choose any 501c3 to donate 2% of your purchase total to! Just select from our suggested list of nonprofits after checkout, or use the search bar to find your favorite. By partnering with Givz, we make it easy for you to give back to who you want, without much thought.

 If you would like to stay up to date, or see more about our visit to Whatcom Humane Society, make sure to follow us on social media for more snippets.

Check out this video from our Instagram below! Or check out our Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok!


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