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Mother's Day with Unconventional Pet Parents!

A shaggy white, brown and cream dog lying on the ground, while an orange and white kitten next to the dog stares up at the camera, at FurHaven Pet Products

Stories About Unconventional Pet Parents

Mother’s Day is right around the corner (you didn’t forget, did you?), and we love to celebrate! While mothers come in so many different shapes and sizes, our favorite ones are all the animal mommas out there! While it’s not uncommon to see a dog mom and her pups, or a cat feeding her kittens, we thought we would celebrate all the… unconventional animal moms out there! As it turns out, humans aren’t the only generous creatures walking around. Some animal parents have adopted animals of other species and have decided to treat them as one of their own. Check out these unconventional pet parents below- many of them will surprise you!


Mowgli And Raksha

Mowgli and Raksha, lying in a grassy savannah field at FurHaven Pet Products
Photo by Dheeraj Mittal via Smithsonian

In late 2018 and early 2019, it was discovered that a lioness (Raksha) in Grujarat’s Gir Forest had adopted a one and a half month old leopard cub (Mowgli) who had been separated from its mother. The lioness had two other cubs who were around the same age, and she adopted the leopard in as one of her own. 

Torque And Shrek

Torque the black and white dog and Shrek the owl, lying in some green grass at FurHaven Pet Products
Photo by Newscom via LiveScience

Shrek the owl was taken in by Torque after handlers took her from her mother for her own protection. Shrek, at the time, was feared to have been in danger from her mother - but when keepers at the Ringwood Raptor and Reptile Centre found Torque and Shrek getting along, they were delighted!

Narwhal And Belugas 

A Narwhal swimming with many belugas underwater, at FurHaven Pet Products
Photo by GREMM/Baleines En Direct via Smithsonian

Since 2016, researchers have been tracking a juvenile narwhal discovered to be swimming with a pod of belugas. It has been photographed and spotted with the same pod for a few years now, and is thought to have been adopted and accepted into the group fully. Since Belugas and Narwhals are so similar, it is thought that there could be the potential for a Beluga-Narwhal hybrid (a narluga, to be precise).


Ruby And Ramblin’ Rose

Ruby the brown dog, her many pups, and the kitten Ramblin' Rose lying together on a blanket at FurHaven Pet Products
Photo by Brittany Callan via Yahoo

When Ruby the Doberman Pinscher had her litter of pups in summer 2021, her owner Brittany Callan thought the last pup that came out would be the end of it. But when Callan came across a stray kitten in her garage, the last thing she expected was Ruby to adopt it into her litter!

Ramblin’ Rose the kitten now lives with Callan’s cousin a short drive from Ruby, so Ruby and Rose can see each other whenever they want! 

Cleopatra And Clyopa & Plyusha 

Cleopatra the Shar-Pei lying with the two tiger cubs, Clyopa & Plyusha at FurHaven Pet Products
Photo by Igor Okunin via NBC

When a Siberian Tiger abandoned her two cubs at the Oktyabrsky health resort in Russia, zoo volunteers decided to give the cubs to a Shar Pei named Cleopatra, she took them in immediately. Clyopa and Plyusha the cubs were being loved, cleaned, and fed by their new adopted mother until they were old enough to survive without her. 


The White Cat And Her Ducklings

The White Cat and her ducklings lying on some brown undergrowth and grasses, at FurHaven Pet Products
Image by Maura Cunningham via Independent

A cat in Ireland adopted three orphaned ducklings after a family purchased a few duck eggs and they hatched on a farm. The White Cat, who ran off with the ducklings, had originally been suspected of running away with a tasty snack - but to everyone’s surprise, she adopted the ducklings! The cat continued to raise them, feeding them and carrying them, despite cats and ducks being enemies in the animal kingdom!


New Pet Moms

While interspecies adoption is rare, you never know when you may have a new animal momma and her babies on your hands - or you may be a new pet parent yourself!

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A dog lying in a FurHaven Velvet Waves Perfect Comfort bed.

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