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As the world around us right now is definitely different and a little chaotic, your friends here at FurHaven want you to know that we sincerely hope you & your loyal, furry companions are staying safe and healthy. Things are definitely different - for us humans, and for our pets. 

It won't be long until our doggos will be a tad confused about what's going on - maybe trips to the dog park are delayed, or they won't get to see their favorite K-9 for a while. Whatever the differences, we believe it's important to be using these isolating days not only to stay safe and healthy, but to spend quality time with roomies (at least 6-feet apart, of course) and our loving pets. 

For those of you who are feeling well and healthy enough, we've put a list together of some fun ideas to do while social distancing, pet edition. 

Go on a nice long isolated hike or walk

You don't have to lock yourself up all day while practicing social distancing. Going outside and soaking up some sunshine is good for you! Plus, walks are probably your dog's favorite date. Take your time, let them explore and sniff all the good smells! As long as you're not in a crowded area, stay at least 6-feet away from others and don't stop to meet any other dog parents, (as tempting as it may be) walks and hikes meet the guidelines for social distancing. 

Try your hand at baking! Make your pup some homemade treats

Lucky for you, we just posted a blog with some of our favorite homemade treat recipes featuring a star player - peanut butter. You can find the link here.

Adjust playtime to inside. Get creative!

Clear out an open space in your living room and play mini fetch. Create an obstacle course with toys, cardboard boxes you haven't gotten around to recycling yet, homemade tents - whatever you can think up! Hide treats around the house and send your dog on a delicious scavenger hunt. The possibilities are endless! 

Cuddle up with your pup on the couch and have a movie marathon

Grab a blanket, make yourself some tea and invite your furry friend up on the couch with you (truly a special occasion) for a great cuddle sesh and feel-good movie marathon. 

Spring Clean! 

Spring is around the corner, and now is a great time to get all of your spring cleaning done. Give your pet's space a little extra loving too! You could wash their bed covers, clean their toys, disinfect their areas - just make sure to use pet friendly cleaners. 

*Bonus* If you get super bored, need a good laugh and your dog is in a modeling mood, try to see which Instagram and Snapchat filters will work on your pup's face... trust us, you won't regret it!

For up to date information on COVID-19 and suggestions, please adhere to the World Health Organization and your local health department. Not real sure what social distancing is? You can find more info about it here.

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