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Homemade Dog Treat Recipes for the Fourth of July

A dog wearing a red white and blue decorative collar holds an American Flag in it's mouth and looks at the camera at FurHaven Pet Products

Want Some Homemade Dog Treats for the Fourth of July?


Who doesn't love the 4th of July? A day full of sunshine, fun, hanging out with the family, and (of course) tasty treats to celebrate. Instead of watching our pups take their annual stance under the table just waiting to get lucky and snatch up some yummy crumbs, we wanted to let them join in on the fun. We've compiled a list of some delicious homemade 4th of July dog treats that your furry friend will love!

Hot Dog Treats from Chewy Eats

A "hot dog treat" dog biscuit, recipe courtesy of Chewy at FurHaven Pet Products


Don't be fooled - this scrumptious trickery is indeed a dog biscuit, not the traditional and beloved outdoor meal for humans. How realistic and adorable, right? Say goodbye to the days of having that hot dog sneakily snatched mid-bite, and say hello to eating in harmony. This is a fun homemade snack that your dog is sure to love!

Find the recipe here.

Patriotic Cookies from The Pointy Snoot

A picture taken during the process of Patriot Cookies (recipe from PointySnoot) being made. There is cookie dough, a cookie cutter, and a rolling pin at FurHaven Pet Products


With only five simple ingredients, this treat is so simple and fun to make. Grab your Independence Day themed cookie cutters and go crazy! An easy-to-do, yet delicious homemade dog treat that is sure to please.

Find the recipe here.

Apple Pie Dog Treats from Dogtipper

A picture of Apple Pie treats, from, being displayed with a patriotic theme at FurHaven Pet Products


What is more American than apple pie? This treat is yummy for doggos and humans. Go ahead, give into the tempting smells & take a bite…we won't judge!

Find the recipe here.

Do you have any favorite treat recipes? Share them on socials and tag us!

We completely understand that, although fun for humans, firework season can be super scary for our pets. We've put together some tips and tricks for you & your pup that might help.   


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