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10 of the Largest Dog Breeds

10 of the Largest Dog Breeds

Who doesn't love some massive cuddles and an occasional gnarly slobber pool? Some of us are just big dog kinda people, and we love our extra large fur babies. There are so many amazing big dog breeds out there, so we put together this list to explore - whether you're trying to find the right large dog breed for you, or if you simply enjoy scrolling through pictures of adorable doggos (as most of us do). 

Great Dane

Average Size

Males: 30-32 inches in height, 140-175 lbs in weight

Females: 28-30 inches in height, 110-140 lbs in weight

Personality - These big sweeties tend to be kind, people-oriented and alert home guardians. 


Average Size

Males: 30 inches and up in height, 160-230 lbs in weight

Females: 27.5 inches and up in height, 120-170 lbs in weight

Personality - Although heavy-built in stature, Mastiff's tend to be regarded as family dogs and like to defend rather than attack. 


Average Size

Males: 28 inches in height, 130-150 lbs in weight

Females: 26 inches in height, 100-120 lbs in weight

Personality - These adorable fluff-balls are usually very calm, mellow, and get along well with other dogs and strangers. At times, Newfoundlands can be a bit protective as well. 

Black Russian Terrier

Average Size

Males: 27-30 inches in height, 80-130 lbs in weight

Females: 26-29 inches in height, 80-130 lbs in weight

Personality - Black Russian Terriers are often very smart, known for their courage, and much like other large dogs, were originally bred for guarding and protecting. 

Bernese Mountain Dog

Average Size

Males: 25-27.5 inches in height, 80-115 lbs in weight

Females: 23-26 inches in height, 70-95 lbs in weight

Personality - These hardworking pups are so affectionate and would do anything to please their owner. 

Great Pyrenees

Average Size

Males: 27-32 inches in height, 100 lbs and up in weight

Females: 25-29 inches in height, 85 lbs and up in weight

Personality - This patient breed is very intelligent, calm, and love to keep a good watch over their home and owners. 


Average Size

Males: 28-31.5 inches in height, 110-170 lbs in weight

Females: 25.5-29.5 inches in height, 90-140 lbs in weight

Personality - These playful pups are very gentle-natured and friendly. 

Scottish Deerhound

Average Size

Males: 30-32 inches in height, 85-110 lbs in weight

Females: 28 inches and up in height, 75-95 lbs in weight

Personality - Originally bred to hunt giant red deer in Scotland, these doggos are very gentle and polite. 

Saint Bernard 

Average Size

Males: 28-30 inches in height, 140-180 lbs in weight

Females: 26-28 inches in height, 120-140 lbs in weight

Personality - The Saint Bernard breed is a quite the family dog. They're very gentle with children, playful, kind and inquisitive. 

Doberman Pinscher 

Average Size

Males: 26-28 inches in height, 75-100 lbs in weight

Females: 24-26 inches in height, 60-90 lbs in weight

Personality - Very loyal by nature, this intelligent breed is known for being very fearless and alert.


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