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15% Off + FREE Shipping & 60-Day Worry Free Warranty During Memorial Weekend Sale!

The Ultimate Pet Dad Day Guide

The Ultimate Pet Dad Day Guide

Father's Day is for pet dads too! If you struggle with how to celebrate that perfect pet dad in your life, we totally feel you. How can we possibly show all of our love for the man that our pups wag their tails for and our cats affectionately cuddle with in one single day? We're not sure if that's even possible, but we did put together the ultimate guide for some ideas!


The Snack Slinger

Is throwing the tennis ball getting a little boring? This is for the pet dad who wants to have some major fun with their furry friend while also rewarding them. It's a win/win for everyone!

Trail Pup Hands-Free Leash

For the outdoors men who love to run with their pups but want to ditch the old handle and get those arms pumping. 

Quilted Faux Fur & Velvet Goliath Deluxe L-Chaise Lounge Pet Bed

A bed big enough for human and doggo snuggles or even squish together for a classic mid-day nap!

500 ml Water Bottle with Dish

This easy-to-use and store water bottle is the perfect accessory for the men out there who enjoy hiking with their pups.

Deluxe Mattress Bed - Indoor/Outdoor Oxford

For the dads who want to hang out with their dog while grilling up a storm or hanging out in the backyard with a brew.

*Bonus* - DIY Coupons

This is a fun, inexpensive gift that you can make & personalize yourself! This could include things like "Exempt from Poop Duties". When cashed in, you'll pick up all the nice presents your pup leaves behind instead of the man in your dog's life. Others could be things like "Doggo Snuggle Time", "Get Out of Bath Free Card" - really whatever you can think up! (Be sure to add an expiration date if you don't want to become the everyday primary poop-picker-upper!)


A Park Day

Who doesn't love a relaxing day in the park? Break out those summer shorts, lay a blanket down under a prime shade spot, throw up the hammock and sling the Frisbee around. Truly an ideal day!

Have a Picnic 

While at the park, why not have a picnic? Grab some pizza or pack the ultimate picnic spread for the man you & your pup adore.

Go for a Hike

Explore some new trails with your furry friend and the whole family!

Chipping with a Tennis Ball

So yes… we might have totally made this activity up but we think it's one that's worth trying, especially for the golf enthusiasts out there. Instead of the classic golf chip, your man can practice his skills with a tennis ball instead. Not only is is it a fun mix-up, BUT we're willing to bet that a personal ball-fetcher (aka… your tennis ball obsessed pup) will be at his side soaking in all the fun. 

Take a Summer Swim

Gather up some towels, put on your swimsuits and take a dip in the pool or lake. All while having fun and soaking up some good ole sun with your doggo! 

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