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The Do's and Don'ts to Stop Scratching

The Do's and Don'ts to Stop Scratching

There are so many things to love about cats - their soft fur and adorable toe pads (we prefer to call them toe beans) are difficult to resist. If you have a kitty in your life, you know just how easy it is to love them. But one of the things that can make it a little frustrating is when those adorable paws reveal their razor sharp claws - and those claws are determined to scratch up your furniture (and carpet… and skin). 

If it’s time for you to train your fur baby to redirect their clawing, this is the perfect place! We’ve figured out some of the best do’s and don’ts when it comes to convincing your kitty to scratch somewhere that isn’t your furniture! 


Stock up on scratchers and toys to entertain kitty.


One of the best things to make sure your kitty isn’t scratching in places they shouldn’t is to encourage scratching in the right places! Your kitty needs to scratch no matter what, so providing them with high quality scratching posts and alternative places to scratch instead of your carpet can help save your upholstery from those claws.


Place cat scratchers in areas around the house
Find the spots in your home that your cat likes to scratch, and place a scratcher nearby. Your cat knows where they like to scratch, so ensuring they’ll see it can be a great way to draw in their interest. This is a great place to start, and a great way to learn where additional scratchers might go as well.
Praise them!

Make sure to give them gentle praise and encouragement - they need to know that their scratch pad or tree is the right place to go! Besides, a few extra treats wouldn’t hurt!
Cover or limit access to areas they scratch a lot. 
If your kitty isn't interested in the new scratchers you provide them with, consider getting creative with the areas they do like to scratch. Our Tiger Tough Carpet Post Cover is the perfect solution for worn furniture all around your home.

     The hook-and-loop closure allows for the pad to be easily attached to chair legs, stair beams, or existing weathered sisal posts! 

    Alternatively, you can also use double sided tape, fabric, or aluminum foil and cover the areas they enjoy scratching. This will gently deter their interest and the enjoyable aspect of scratching - just make sure they have somewhere else to scratch!

    Trim their claws

    Making sure to regularly trim their claws can be one of the best ways to reduce scratching. Shorter claws means less damage being done, and your kitty will be less likely to want to scratch.


    Declaw your cat 

    Whatever you do, don’t declaw your cat! According to the Humane Society, declawing is an incredibly painful procedure that involves surgically removing the claws - but is essentially the equivalent of removing a human finger at the last knuckle. Painful. There are lots of other options to prevent scratching rather than declawing. 

      Don’t ignore their instinct! 

      Cats need to scratch, it’s their instinct! Make sure to provide them with a space to scratch. Even better, provide them with that space when they’re a kitten, or while moving into a new home! 

        Don’t get Upset!
        This is a no-brainer - don’t get too upset if your cat is scratching! It’s a natural instinct of theirs, and part of owning a cat. Just be patient, and keep working on it!  It may take time, support and coaxing from you, and repeated attempts with different products. You’ll eventually be at a point where you and your kitty can both be content with their scratching habits.
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