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15% Off + FREE Shipping & 60-Day Worry Free Warranty During Memorial Weekend Sale!

A Guide to Picking the Best Bed for Your Pet

A black and brown dog lying on a gray spotted FurHaven pet bed in a living room on gray wood floor.

How To Pick The Right Pet Bed

There can be a lot of choices when it comes to which pet bed to get for your pet. Just like humans, pets prefer certain bed types over others. Some might love a classic dog bed, where others will scoff and turn their nose up at it (it's true- we've seen it). Others might love a snuggly, burrow/nest type dog bed, but that might not be the right fit for your companion in particular.

This may seem hard at first, but your pet is probably giving you more clues than you think as to which beds they'd like best. We'll help you breakdown their behavior to reveal what mattress is the best fit for their lifestyle. 


1. Choosing Their Bed Based On Sleep-Style

Have you ever noticed that your pet will sleep curled all tight in a ball? What about sprawled out as if they must claim all the space in the world? This guide can help point you in the direction of the style of bed to purchase, depending on which way your pal likes to snooze.

 You can get a closer and more detailed look at our Sleep Style Guide here, where you can learn about which beds in particular we recommend based on your pet's sleeping patterns! 

Check out some Sleep Style basics below, and keep scrolling to learn some more tips and considerations for while you're finding a new bed!

The Burrowers

A doodle of a dog burrowed up under on a blanket sleeping on a green background at FurHaven
A fur-baby that likes to curl up nice and tight will benefit from a donut bed or something with a corner to snuggle into. Click here to view our Burrower Collection, or learn what our favorite Burrower bed is here!

The Sprawlers

A doodle of a dog lying on it's back with it's tummy up, tongue out, and paws in the air on a green background at FurHaven.

A sprawler would prefer a bed with room to spare for them to stretch and spread out as as they snooze. Click here to view our Sprawler Collection, or learn what our favorite Burrower bed is here!

The Leaners 

Another group to consider is the Leaners. We're talking about the dogs that always have to perch their chins up on whatever is nearest. We've found the best solution to keep that noggin supported are beds with bolsters. Click here to view our Leaner Collection, or learn what our favorite Leaner bed is here!

The Curlers

 Named for their ability to contort their bodies into a donut shape, Curlers seek out small, cozy spaces for sleep. Click here to view our Curler Collection, or learn what our favorite Curler bed is here!

2. Self-Warming or Cooling Dog Beds

Some dogs have such thick fur that they can overheat easily, while others have thin short fur which helps them regulate their temperature. Both of these are important to think of when choosing your bed. A husky might not enjoy a cave bed as much as a short haired dog because it might be too warm and vice versa!


Cooling down...

If your dog is consistently seeking out the cold, hard floor, consider getting a bed with a cooling gel layer, like this Indoor/Outdoor Oxford Dog Bed!

A brown, long fur dog lays on top of a blue FurHaven Oxford Indoor/Outdoor bed, settled on some green grass.


...or warming up

If your companion is always searching for a warm spot to snooze in, consider a bed with insulating fiber that will reflect their natural body heat. FurHaven has a Snuggery Bed with Faux Sheepskin that does great with keeping our puppy pals warm- so great, in fact, that Wirecutter put it on their list of the Top 18 Best Dog Gifts!

A white, black, and brown dog nestled in a blue and white FurHaven Snuggery Pet Bed.


3. Age and Activity Level 

As hard as it can be to admit, dogs age faster than us. With older age comes issues like arthritis and hip dysplasia. You can learn more about senior dogs, as well as what hip dysplasia is on our blog. 


Older dogs oftentimes need a firmer and thicker supporting mattress. When searching for a bed, consider purchasing one that's made with orthopedic foam to help soothe joints and ease pressure points- like this Diamond Print Nest-Top Sofa Bed. It comes with the selectable option for orthopedic foams, which your dog is sure to appreciate!

 A black and brown dog sleeping on a gray and white FurHaven Diamond Nest Top Pet Bed.


4. The Best Dog Beds To Match Home Decor 

Although this purchase is made for your companion, it is important that you like it, too! Whatever your aesthetic is, you're sure to find a dog bed that matches it. We actually have a quiz designed for helping you pick the best dog bed- check it out!


We have a few unique options, but one of our favorites is the Dreamer Corduroy Bed- a fun cave style bed with a nautical sailing theme. 

A small brown dappled kitten sleeping in a blue FurHaven Dreamer Corduroy Pet Bed.


We also have some fun patterned beds, like the Southwest Kilim- a fun sofa bed featuring several patterns that are sure to spruce up the decor in whatever room you choose!

A yellow and white dog lying on top of a gray, patterned FurHaven Southwest Kilim Bed, on top of brown hardwood flooring.


Keeping all of these tips in mind should help out when you're trying to decide the best dog bed to get for your dog. We all want to make sure that our pet pals are getting the best sleep possible, and getting one for your furry friend should be a breeze if you follow this guide. Happy dreaming!

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