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Enjoy Free Shipping and Our 60 Day Warranty!

Kitty Sift - Eco-Friendly Sifting Litter Box Kit (1 Litter Box, 5 Sifting Liners)

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Kitty Sift's eco-friendly sifting litter box kit is a comprehensive solution for easy litter box maintenance. The litter box is made from recycled cardboard and comes with five sifting liners for easy kitty litter disposal. The reusable litter box can also be used as standalone litter boxes. Designed to be compatible with the most popular litter box enclosures, available in Large or Jumbo sizes. Keep your home smelling fresh and your cat healthy with this simple and clean litter solution.

DISPOSABLE Sifting Litter Box - Say goodbye to scooping, scraping and scouring!

CLEAN, HEALTHY: Reduces odor! Breathable material allows airflow to keep litter dryer, fresher longer.

EASY, REUSABLE: Sift, reuse & dispose. Saves time! Our eco-friendly litter box and disposable sifting litter liners can be reused several times before eco-friendly disposal.

ECO-FRIENDLY, RECYCLED CARDBOARD: Water resistant, durable, made from biodegradable material 99% post consumer waste recycled cardboard

USE AS LINER OR STANDALONE: Fits inside Catit Jumbo hooded litter box or use as a standalone litter box.

Maintain Freshness! Swap liners every 2-3 weeks to keep odors and moisture at bay.

INCLUDES: 1 Litter Boxes, 5 Sifting Litter Liners




LARGE - 13.8" x 17.8" x 4"
JUMBO - 17.8" x 20.25" x 5.5"