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Why We're Thankful for Our Pets

A golden-lab smiling at the camera, at FurHaven Pet Products

We Love Our Pets, and Sure Are Thankful For Them!


During the holiday season it's nice to reflect on the year that's passed, and all the pawsitive things that have happened. We at FurHaven are always thankful for our amazing customers and their awesome pets! We'd like to take a moment to say how grateful we are for all the pups out there. Here are our top 5 reasons we're thankful for our pets.

A dog and a person sitting and observing the Grand Canyon from FurHaven Pet Products.

1. Their ability to love us no matter what 

No matter if we were just gone for five minutes or five days, our pets are always so excited to see us and greet us at the door. How can you not love getting that greeting day in and day out!? The tail wags and butt wiggles abound! 

If you wanna show a little extra love back to your dog, check out these CareChewz Collagen Wraps from Pet Factory! Your puppy pal will adore getting their gnaw on with these tasty treats!

A dog running on snow covered ground at FurHaven Pet Products

2. They're always down for our adventures

Whether you're just going to the grocery store or on a road trip across the country, the pups will always jump in the car! With heads lolling out the window and their goofy smiles it's impossible to not start off on the best driving foot.


If you want to go on an adventure with your pup, you should check out this Car Seat Cover that can go straight into the back of your car- keep the good times going while protecting your car's interior from potential messes!

Two dogs sitting in a rainbow-colored hammock in a forest at FurHaven Pet Products

3. They make us laugh with all of their goofy antics 

From zooming around the living room to rolling around in dirt, they always make us chuckle. It is a truly wonderful thing to have your pet remind you of the simple ways to smile in life!

For anyone looking to give their cat a new source of shenanigans, you should try out this Compressed Catnip Ball from SmartyKat! They're a fun way to put a new spin on catnip playtime, and are sure to get a laugh out of you!

A cream-colored dog with a red-spotted party hat on at FurHaven Pet Products

4. They keep us active 

You can't avoid that longing look in their eyes as they beg you to take them for a long walk. So you end up going outside and feel better for it! From short leg stretch walks to long hikes cresting ridge after ridge, your pups help get you to be more active indoor and out! 

Running with a dog can be fun, but managing a leash can be a bit tough on a jog. We personally recommend the Trail Pup Hands-Free Leash as a solution- keeping your dog's leash out of your hands while you're on your run with your pup!

A snow covered black dog wearing a red leash, playing in the snow at FurHaven Pet Products

5. They're the best snugglers

Who doesn't love a good snuggle fest on the couch with their pup? They're the best foot heaters and are always down to receive a belly scratch (plus they don't judge you for binge watching a whole season of your favorite show!).

Everyone loves a snuggle with their put, but what better way to do it than on top of a comfy blanket like our Long Fur and Velvet Throw Blanket? Both pets and humans alike love this throw blanket- and it's also waterproof!

Cheers to the pups that bring our everyday lives so much joy, and happy holidays!

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