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The Benefits of Pets For Kids

The Benefits of Pets For Kids

Are Pets Good For Kids? Exploring The Advantages

We’re not saying anything new when we talk about how important pets are to us, but how about how important they can be to the kiddos in our life?! Having a pet in your life if you have children, or just kids in your life in general, can have surprising benefits you may have never considered. Here’s a few of our favorite reasons why having a pet can have benefits for your kids!

Companionship For Your Child

A small child squats near a yawning white and gray cat, from Furhaven Pet Products
Companionship is a bit obvious - but it can be one of the most rewarding benefits of owning a pet with kids! Having a friend for your child to play with, cuddle, spend time with, and sometimes even confide in, can be a reason in itself to adopt a furry friend for your kiddo. Pets can be your kids first friend, and can be there to comfort or accompany your child in their daily life. They’re like a warm teddy bear for your child, but real! And who wouldn’t want that? 

Unconditional Love (From Both Your Child And Pet)

A small child gives a brown/yellow dog a pat on the head, while another child holds a leash for the dog, from Furhaven Pet Products
One of the most important things that a pet can give, and teach your kids, is unconditional love. Having a pet there to care about them, love them and care about them when they’re feeling their worst, or even being a wagging tail and a pair of ears to listen can be an important part of owning a pet for kids! Knowing that they always have a friend to cuddle, especially during the trials and tribulations of adolescence, can be important for most children.

Pets Teach Your Child Responsibility 

A small child takes a small white and brown dog on a walk, from Furhaven Pet Products
One of the more valuable aspects of having a pet in your life are the responsibilities that come along with taking care of a pet. Having a cat, dog, or even just a small animal to look after can be a great way to teach your child simple responsibilities. It’s important to consider tasks that are appropriate for your kid and their age so that you’re not putting your child or pet at risk.

Some of the easiest tasks you can set aside for your kids, depending on their ages and skill levels, can look like this:


Filling Their Water And Food Dish

  • This is an especially good task for kiddos that aren’t as good at more independent chores. If you have a toddler learning motor skills like pouring, this might be the perfect responsibility!

Teaching Commands

  • An older kiddo or younger preteen may be the perfect age to learn to teach your pet commands! Teaching basics, like sit, stay, and heel are a great way to teach both your kid and your pet patience! 

Taking Walks

  • This task is up to each person's discretion with their kiddos, but letting your teen or child take your pets on walks can be a great way to give the both of them some exercise - and if they’re old enough to go alone, you get some free time!

Pets Improve Your Child's Health

Out on a grass lawn, a small child gives a cream, brown and white cat pats on the head, from Furhaven Pet Products
One of the most unique and interesting parts about owning a pet is the health benefits that come along with keeping one in your home. It’s a surprising fact, but keeping a pet in your home can reduce symptoms of asthma and allergies in kids ages 7 to 9.

Owning a pet in general can be a great stress and anxiety reliever - for kids and adults! Animals can reduce your cortisol levels just by spending a few minutes with them, which in turn lowers blood pressure levels. Pets also significantly reduce symptoms in certain mental health cases. Having an animal to give you purpose in life and a routine, provide a distraction from symptoms that come with mental health struggles, or even just be someone to hug, can change someone’s life for the better.

Things To Consider When Adopting A Pet With A Child

Before adopting a pet when you have kids, there’s a few things you need to consider. The last thing you want to do is adopt a furry (or scaly) friend who won’t work in your household, or is too much responsibility. Some things you may want to consider about the type of animal you bring into your home if you have kids are:

  • The size of the pet is important! Adopting a pet that is too big, or even too small, should be something you should consider based on your family dynamic and the types of kids you have. A small mouse or hamster in a household where kids can let them loose is probably not the best idea, and a great dane in a home with infants could be something to consider. 
  • Pet behavior is something to keep in mind with kids. A jack russel is going to have more energy than your average house cat. A goldfish - even easier! Choosing a pet that matches the energy of your life and needs means you can have the best relationship possible!

Safe Fun For Pets And Children

Looking for gear that will make things easier for you and your kiddos? Check out these options for fun with everyone!

Water-Repellent Reflective Active Pro-Fit Dog Coat

A gray dog stands on a rock, next to a body of water with a waterfall, wearing a FurHaven Water-Repellent Reflective Active Pro-Fit Dog Coat

Who wants to worry about a messy dog AND messy kids? Keep as much surface area tidy as you can with a dog coat! Our Pro-Fit Dog Coat is designed with a stretch panel for a deluxe custom fit and sleeves to protect your dog’s legs from the elements. With insulative fiber core and water-resistant fabric you dog is sure to stay warm and comfy. Designed with a reflective zipper opening for easy access to your dog harness or collar. No matter the season, adventure is just a zip away.

Ultra Absorbent Muddy Paws Pet Towel & Shammy Dog Rug

A golden dog using a gray FurHaven Muddy Paws Pet Towel & Shammy Dog Rug

Still got a mess? Super-absorbent and durable, FurHaven™ Muddy Paws™ Towel & Shammy Rugs quickly soak up water, dirt, sand and other messy stuff. Microfiber chenille "fingers" are soft and cozy! Millions of filaments attract and trap liquids and small particles making the Muddy Paws™ Towel & Shammy Rug at least 5x more absorbent than conventional mats and pet towels.

Trail Pup Hands-Free Leash

A person running on a concrete pathway next to grass and and river, using a FurHaven Trail Pup Hands-Free Leash to run with their German Shepherd

If you've got your hands full with kiddos, why not give yourself the extra hand with the Trail Pup Hands-Free Leash? Whether you're jogging on your usual route or exploring a new trail, the FurHaven Hands-Free Trail Pup Leash keeps your hands free and your pet close. Our stress-free design allows you to safely tether your pet to your body, allowing unhindered movement while on the go with your canine companion. An adjustable, padded waist belt securely clips around your body and features a 48-inch lead, leaving your hands free and your pet able to safely walk or jog alongside you. Multitasking is no match for this leash!

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