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Fall Products Your Dog Requested

A dark gray dog lying on top of a light gray pet bed in front of a holiday scene including stockings, presents, and other items on a decorated holiday tree, at FurHaven Pet Products

A Letter to Pawrents for Fall Products


Dear Pet Pawrents, 

Now that the chilly weather has set in and the fires are crackling in the fireplace, it's time to think of cold weather products. Just like you love to grab a blanket to snuggle up, we also want the same! We love the feeling of soft fabrics and think it helps us get our snooze on. So, we've made a list for you of items we'd like you to get us. 

1. The Snuggery

FurHaven Pet Products Snuggery bed

This Snuggery bed is made for burrowers and we think it's awesome! It can either be a cave with the tube in, or a blanket for us to be tucked in at night. That's a win win in our book!


Check out the Snuggery Burrow Bed.


2. Self Warming Convertible Cuddle Pet Bed and Mat

FurHaven Pet Products Self Warming Convertible Pet Mat Bed

This is not only a bed- but a mat, too! It's super cool and can be switched up to make different shapes depending on our snuggle preferences. With a built in soft reflective surface to reflect your pet's body heat back, we'll never want to leave the ultra comfy spot.


Check out the Self Warming Convertible Cuddle bed.


3. ThermaNap™ Plush Velvet Self Warming Pet Mat

FurHaven Pet Products ThermaNAP™ Faux Fur Self-Warming Pet Mat


Just like the Self Warming bed above, this one reflects back our body heat as well! Plus it's perfect for those long car rides to grandma and grandpaw's house for the holidays. It look stylish on the couch and it means you can stop complaining about us getting fur everywhere! See? It's a win win.


Check out the ThermaNAP™ Plush Velvet Self Warming Mat.


4. Water-Repellent Reflective Active Pro-Fit Dog Coat


FurHaven Pet Products Water-Repellent Reflective Active Pro-Fit Dog Coat.


We love to get outdoors with you, rain or shine! This FurHaven Pro-Fit Dog Coat will be great for keeping us dry and warm. You can choose a color to match my beautiful coat, and I love the sleeves to protect my legs from the elements. No matter the season, adventure is just a zip away!

5. Sofa Bed Replacement Cover 

Hand unzipping a blue diamond print Nest Top Sofa Bed cover at FurHaven Pet Products

So we love our sofa bed, but think we should switch up the cover. Let's take advantage of the replacement covers FurHaven sells and buy a different one! Maybe even buy a few? The possibilities are endless. Another great thing about these covers is that they're washable- check out our article here about how to properly wash a FurHaven bed cover. 

Check out the assortment of FurHaven Sofa Bed covers that are available here. Note that these are just the Sofa Bed Covers, not complete Sofa Beds. 

So, pawrents, there you have it! Our wish list for fall products. Once you buy those can we go to the dog park? 


Your dogs 

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