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Three Crucial Dog Safety Tips

A dog and cat both together in a grassy field with a darkly lit sky and forested mountains in the background at FurHaven Pet Products

Three Important Dog Safety Tips 


It's not fun to imagine, but our beloved furry friends can get into trouble. Although we might think our homes are dog-proofed, many every day things that are normal to us humans can be detrimental to our dog's safety and health. Don't fret, we've put together three basic dog safety tips to make sure your loyal companion stays safe and sound. 

1) Keep Potentially Toxic Foods Out Of Your Dog's Reach

A small bulldog wearing a yellow jacket, eating out of a bronze food bowl at FurHaven Pet Products

Only some human foods get the thumbs up for dogs. Even yummy snacks that might seem healthy can hurt them in the long-run. Keep foods like chocolate, avocados, grapes and macadamia nuts far away from your curious pooch. You can find a more extensive list of foods that are toxic for dogs that we have compiled to help keep you informed on what is safe for your dog to eat during the holidays. 

2) Make sure your floral décor isn't actually a disaster waiting to happen

Some green Devil's Ivy at FurHaven Pet Products

This is a super serious dog safety tip that often gets overlooked in many homes around the world. Plants can elevate the décor in any home, but they can also be dangerous for your hungry cats and dogs. According to the ASPCA, flowers such as Lilies and Azaleas can cause extreme health issues for dogs, and in the worst-case, death. Before you decorate with this season's latest bloom, make sure your furry friends can enjoy them too. In addition, we also have compiled a longer list of harmful plants that you should make sure to read!

3) Beat the heat

An exhausted looking golden retriever panting while they walk across some green grass at FurHaven Pet Products

Hot summer days can be a real threat to your loyal companion. As a general rule of thumb, it's best to never leave your dog in a car that's turned off, even with the windows rolled down. Hot asphalt can be a big problem for your pup's paws in the summer as well. In addition, keeping your pup hydrated is key. Make sure to read a few more tips about making sure your precious dog stays hydrated!

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