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Enjoy Free Shipping and Our 60 Day Warranty!

Pawscout QR Smart Pet Tag for Dogs and Cats

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.Pawscout QR Smart Pet Tag Waterproof and Lightweight Smart Pet Tag with No Battery Needed. Get notified anytime your pet's unique Pawscout QR tag is scanned. Join together with over 1200 pets added to the petwork weekly. When you choose a Pawscout Smart Pet Tag we become safer together.

These tags are simple, lightweight and easy to use. The power of Pawscout QR is found in the Pawscout App. This Smart Pet Tag is scanned by a phone with a QR code reader to retrieve information from the Pawscout App. Even if you don't own a tag or a pet, join now to help lost pets, track walks, and learn from our community of avid pet lovers. Pawscout offers simple, affordable, modern solutions to keep your pet safe and healthy, and to get them home as quickly as possible if they go missing.

  • Easy Configuration - Scan your QR Code and pair it in the Pawscout App with your pet in seconds
  • No Batteries - All the smarts are in the Pawscout App: not this small, lightweight, waterproof tag
  • Pawscout Pro - Our subscription plan expands your safety petwork, sends real-time alerts, and much more
  • Pet Found - Broadcast an alert in seconds to your entire nearby Pawscout community if your pet goes missing