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SmartyKat - Loco Motion Electronic Motion Wand Toy for Cats & Kittens

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Satisfy your cat's need for Exercise. The Loco Motion is an interactive cat toy that doubles as a feline exercise machine. Chasing the erratically moving, fluttery feather toy provides physical and mental stimulation, and is just plain fun! This battery-operated toy lets you control the action with adjustable speed controls and is programmable for up to two hours of continuous play. EcoAdvantages: Made with 50% recycled post-consumer plastic.

  • ELECTRONIC MOTION: Loco Motion features a springy wand toy that moves erratically, swinging and swaying the dangling feather toy to tease and drive your cat crazy; the toy is also designed with speed controls that allows you to customize the wand's movements to better cater to your cat's preferred play style
  • PROMOTES EXERCISE: Encourages cats to swat, chase, and pounce, engaging them in physical activity that transforms playtime into exercise to help improve your cat's health and fitness
  • MIMICS PREY: The electronic motion cat toy's erratic motions and unpredictable changes in directions mimic the movements of real life prey, engaging your cat's innate prey drive for an exciting and stimulating playtime
  • HOW-TO: Turn dial fully clockwise to highest speed, then press either the TIMER button for desired play duration or press the ON/OFF button for continuous play; once in motion, dial can be adjusted counter clockwise for slower speeds as desired
  • TIMED PLAY: Can be programmed from 15 minutes and up to 2 hours of uninterrupted play to help conserve battery life; press the TIMER button once for 15 minutes, and 8 times for 2 hours of nonstop play
  • RECOMMENDATIONS: Read and follow the included instructions for unit to function as intended
  • ABOUT US: SmartyKat products help pet owners meet basic feline needs; from scratchers and toys to edible grass and catnip, our products are designed to stimulate a particular feline need while fostering a stronger relationship between you and your cat

PRODUCT DETAILS: One Size, 14.75" x 7" x 7"