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Enjoy Free Shipping & Our 60-Day Warranty
Enjoy Free Shipping & Our 60-Day Warranty

Kitty Sift - Eco-Friendly Sifting Litter Box Kit (1 Litter Box, 5 Sifting Liners)

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DISPOSABLE Sifting Litter Box - Say goodbye to scooping, scraping and scrubbing!

CLEAN, HEALTHY: Reduces odor! Breathable material allows airflow to keep litter dryer, fresher longer.

EASY, REUSABLE: Sift, reuse & dispose. Saves time! Our eco-friendly litter box and disposable sifting litter liners can be reused several times before eco-friendly disposal.

ECO-FRIENDLY, RECYCLED CARDBOARD: Water resistant, durable, made from biodegradable material 99% post consumer waste recycled cardboard

USE AS LINER OR STANDALONE: Fits inside Catit Jumbo hooded litter box or use as a standalone litter box.

Stay Fresh To ensure maximum freshness, moisture and odor control, replace every 2-3 weeks or as needed.

INCLUDES: 1 Litter Boxes, 5 Sifting Litter Liners


LARGE - 13.8" x 17.8" x 4"
JUMBO - 17.8" x 20.25" x 5.5"