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What To Know About Adopting A Pet

What To Know About Adopting A Pet

Since it’s the best month ever, National Pet Month, we wanted to share some pointers about adoption! Whether you’re thinking about adopting a cat, dog, or something else, we’ve got some of the best tips and gear figured out to make the whole process as easy for everyone as pawsible! 


Whether you’re adopting a kitten or an older cat, it’s important to know a few things that make the difference. Cats can sometimes be a little less trusting than dogs are initially, and making sure that you find the right friend to bring into your family, as well as all the things they’ll need to feel comfortable, is an essential part of cat adoption.

Cat Proof Your Home

Make sure your home is ready for a new kitty! There’s lots of things you can do to prepare your home. By making sure they’re comfortable and have all their things ready for them, you can set you and you cat up to be best friends furever.

Set up scratchers

Place scratchers in areas of the house that kitty might be interested in. Some common areas are:

  • Rugs
  • Backs of couches
  • Table or chair legs
  • Door frames

Gear For Cats

We've got all your scratching needs covered. Here's a few products to help you get started.

This carpet post cover is the purrfect way to spruce up an old sisal post, or to protect areas that kitty might enjoy scratching. With three different sizes, and a hook and loop closure to attach them to almost anything, you can find a place to satisfy kitty and keep your upholstery safe!

Give them a cozy place to snooze, and satisfy their stretch and scratch behaviors all in one! These Tiger Tents are the perfect place to keep your kitty satisfied. 

Need a little more help in the scratching department? Check out our tips to help stop the scratch! 

Choose a place for their litter 

Make sure that, even if your cat is a kitten, that you have an area established for their litter - and they know where it is. Usually, this is the area you keep them in when you first introduce them. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, and offices are popular areas for litter boxes. Make sure that when you find a spot for their litter, it’s in an area away from their water. 

Usually, keeping their area near their litter is the best option for introducing them into a new home. Set them up in a room nearby and give them a cozy spot to cuddle up! 

Here's a few favorite cuddle spots we recommend!

Give one kitty or a litter a cozy spot to cuddle! This Oval Bed has super soft faux fur and cushioned walls for comfort and support. Not all cats hate beds - especially such a cozy one like this!

Fluffy, fun and foldable, the FurHaven Cozy Convertible Cuddle Mat is four beds in one. Featuring a simple system of buttons and elastic loops, you can configure the bed to be a cuddly "nest," a soft "couch," a comfy "canoe" or a plush "mat" bed. Whichever way you choose, your kitty will enjoy the cozy comfort of the bed's self-warming core. 

Hide Temptations

Find all the things that your kitty might be attracted to and hide them! This can include food that you usually keep out, electrical wires in areas that your cat finds interesting, and small spaces that they can hide in. 

Personality of the Pet 

Cats usually don't have major differences in their personalities except for their age. It's important to ask if the kind of cat you're adopting is right for you! Kittens take a lot of energy and time, but are usually great with kids! Senior cats need less attention and energy, but sometimes come with a lot of vet bills. 

Consider what works for you and find the perfect friend who will fit in!


While adopting a cat comes with its challenges, adopting a dog can sometimes be a whole lifestyle change. Make sure to consider your own family or household situation, or even things like your personal energy levels, before adopting a pup! Here’s a few things to consider when adopting a dog. 

Crate training

Find them a safe space on day one and keep them there. A crate, for example, is a great place to keep them. Most dogs love being able to have a cozy and safe area at the end of the night. Whether that be a bed, crate, or just a cozy spot on the couch. Providing them somewhere for them to sleep, in a designated area, can help them sleep through the night.

Here's a few extra cozy beds to help them sleep alllll night:

Great for pets of all ages, this Pillow Top Dog Bed is designed with a fully attached fiberfill pillow atop a mattress base - providing an extra layer of high-loft cushioned support for ultimate lounging comfort. The tufted sleep surface is topped with luxuriously soft minky faux fur that is gentle on noses and paws, paired with elegant and easy-care suede wrapped around the sides. 

One of our best sellers, the Plush and Suede Sofa Dog Bed! Whatever position your pet likes to lay in, they'll find nothing but comfort and sweet dreams! With the feel of a couch, your pet will love having their own space to curl into while you'll love having your favorite spot on the couch back! The three bolsters also keep your pup cozy and supported in most standard size crates.

Find their motivation and stick to it

A lot of pups will find it easier to be motivated to learn if they have something they can be rewarded with. This can be anything you’d like (most enjoy food). Belly or ear scratches, a walk after completing something, or a nice treat to keep them going. Find what motivates them, and don’t stop! Repetition, conditioning, and good motivation are key. 

Abused/stray animals that you adopt

Teach them to socialize safely while in your presence, and bring them along with you all the time! Take them to the park, bring them to the pet store if it’s safe, and consider taking them on playdates. They'll learn to be comfortable in potentially uncomfortable situations if they know you're there! 

Take their history into consideration

If they’re uncomfortable with strangers and you live somewhere with lots of neighbors, bad with kids and you have children, or not great with other animals and you have others - then it may be time to consider something else. As much as it’s difficult to pass up on a friendly or adorable face, it’s more important to find a furry friend who will be safe and comfortable in your home.

Helpful Tips for Everyone!

Be patient!

Be patient with both yourself and your pet. This can be a challenging thing but you’ll both be thankful for it. Don’t get too upset if you don’t know the answers to everything and have everything planned perfectly. And don’t be too impatient if your furry friend isn’t learning things right away either! 

Surround Yourself In Pet Culture!

Facebook groups, pet themed magazines and newspapers, and any other pet-centric groups are the perfect way to get the help and support you need when it comes to adoption. Social media is a great place to meet other people with similar interests, so if you need advice or ideas on how to adopt - people are usually there!


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