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Meet the Goliath Bed!

Meet the Goliath Bed!

We've heard your requests for a bed that takes it to the next level and here it is! Our Goliath beds are massive! They're perfect for the giant dog in your life, or the dog with a giant attitude. With 7 inches of thick foam, and space to sprawl out on, your dog will be asleep before you know it. You might even join them in their sleepy slumber. To show how large these beds are, we have our marketing manager Christine, and our office dog Wrigley demonstrate below. 


Here you see Wrigley and Christine standing with our gigantic Goliath bed. Talk about big! Wrigley is a male Labradoodle weighing in at 60 pounds and Christine is telling us her weight is besides the point! Wrigley is considered a large dog but looks small next to this bed. Speaking of tiny, look how small office dog Scout looks next to the bed. 

Scout weighs a whopping eight pounds and could use this bed as a house! Let's see what this bed looks like with a giant dog on it now. Meet Kilian (below) who weighs 120 pounds and isn't even done growing yet. Kilian is a Great Dane and still has room to grow into his bed, how awesome is that! 

Our Goliath bed comes in three giant sizes to fit your big floofler. 

Our goal is to always provide quality products and these beds are deliver on that promise. With double lock stitched quilting and a water resistant liner you can rest easy at night knowing your dog is doing the same. 

To find our line of Goliath Beds, click here. 

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