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FurHaven's Festive 12 Days!

FurHaven's Festive 12 Days!
The Holiday season is coming to an end - but that doesn't stop FurHaven being in a festive mood! We've been celebrating with our own spin on the 12 Days of Christmas. We've laid out some of this holiday season's most popular items and tied them up in a neat little bow for you!
Make sure to click on the images to see the full list! 

On the 1st Day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

A Kitten In A Cat Tree!

Treat your kitty to the best with our FurHaven Cat Playgrounds! We carry a variety of different sizes and styles and each one will be sure to have something your kitty will love! Whether you're looking to provide your kitty with hours of entertainment, or a private and cozy spot to relax, you'll be sure to find one here!
Here's a few of our favorite playgrounds:

On the 2nd Day of Christmas my true love gave to me... 

Two Doggie Coats!

Looking for more ways to spend time with your pup? Want to bring them along on the trails with you? Or are you just looking for a way to keep your fur baby warm and protected on your evening walk?
These coats are the PERFECT gift for your pupper!:


On the 3rd Day of Christmas my true love gave to me... 

Three French Hounds!

We love all types of animals at FurHaven, and as much as we love French Hens, we couldn't waste the opportunity to highlight our favorite French Bulldogs instead! We selected a few Frenchie FurHaven Fans to show off on our Instagram page! 
Click the image or the link below to check them out!: 


On the 4th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

Four Collared Dogs

Our LED Dog Collars are the perfect way to involve your pup in all the fun possible at all hours of the day. Our LED Safety light up collars come in four different colors for your pup, and are visible for up tp 1,000 feet away!
Your pup will love you for keeping them safe and entertained, even at night!:


On the 5th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me... 

Five Brand New Things!
Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for your fur baby to keep them warm (and keep their dirty paws off your furniture), or wanting to entertain your crazy kitty, we've got you covered!
Here's five of our newest products available that you and your fur baby will be sure to love:


On the 6th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me... 

Six Dogs A Laying

Saying we have a few pet beds is an understatement! We know how important it is to find a bed that will work perfectly for your fur baby!
Need some ideas - or just not sure what to get? Here's six of our most loved beds! :

On the 7th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

Seven Cats A Swatting

Keep your kitty occupied with our FurHaven kitty products and toys! Whether you're looking for a feather toy for them to swat at, or a corrugated scratcher board to keep them entertained (and away from furniture!). We chose seven of our favorite photos of kitties enjoying our products. 
If you're looking for some ways to spoil your cat, here's a few of our favorite kitty products they'll be sure to love!:


On the 8th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

Eight Pups A Panting

 There's no better place to relax and take a break than on a ultra comfy FurHaven bed! Whether your furry friend likes to pant from exhaustion or excitement, why not stay comfy while doing it?
Here's eight adorable pups taking a break on their FurHaven beds!:


On the 9th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

Nine Kittens Snoozing

Cats are experts at napping (they don't call it a cat nap for nothing!) Our FurHaven pets and products are the perfect combo of fun and comfort for your kitty! Whether you're looking for a house scratcher or pet bed for them to relax on, we've got you covered!
Here's nine sleepy kitties taking a snooze:



On the 10th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

Ten Bunnies Leaping

Did you know, FurHaven has more customers than just dogs and cats?! We've had our fair share of ponies, guinea pigs, REAL pigs, and of course, bunnies!
We just had to highlight a few of our less common but just as loved customers.
Here are a few of the most popular bunny approved FurHaven products!:


On the 11th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

Eleven Puppers Playing

Beds aren't only good for sleeping! They're the ULTIMATE cozy spot for your pup to play with their favorite toys! Why not play on the comfiest spot in the house? 
Here's eleven pups using their comfy FurHaven beds to play with their favorite toys!:
- Eleven Puppers Playing


On the 12th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

Twelve Do Good Deeds 

Twelve Do Good Deeds As the Holiday season gets "wrapped" up, we recognize the importance of giving back! Gifting your time, money, or even just support can be the most valuable gift you can give during the Holidays, and FurHaven makes it easy thanks to our friends at Givz!  For every purchase you make on, you have the opportunity to chose a 501c3 to donate a portion of your total to!  If you're looking for ways to give back in 2021, here's a list of twelve awesome non-profits working hard to give back!:

We want to wish you, your families, and your fur babies a safe and happy holiday season! - FurHaven Pet Products 

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